Receiving a ShareSpace


This is your guide to receiving and using a ShareSpace. A ShareSpace is a secure container used for temporarily sharing a handful of documents with people (usually clients) outside of a firm that uses NetDocuments to store their documents.

1) You will be sent an email containing a link to the ShareSpace. Clicking this link will take you to the login page to access the ShareSpace.


NOTE: We recommend you open the ShareSpace in Internet Explorer. You will then be prompted to install an ActiveX add-on. This gives you more functionality when downloading and uploading documents. 

2) Log in. If required by the sender or owner of the ShareSpace, you may likely need to create a password to login. You will do this when you first access a ShareSpace, as shown below (you can also create or reset a password at any time afterward). You will use this Username/Password to login to any additional ShareSpaces that you receive. 


After you log in, you will see the ShareSpace summary view as shown below. Clicking "Switch to List View" will put the documents in a single list, from which you can select one or more documents to work with. Document options are available on the right-hand side. 


3) Edit/View documents. Depending on the level of access you have been granted, you will have a number of options available to use when working with your documents.

To edit a document, click the name of a document, and it will "check out" and download to a native application (such as Word or Excel) for editing. Once you are finished making edits, simply close the document, and click the green "check-in" button. This will upload your document, with any changes made, to NetDocuments.

If you have access to multiple ShareSpaces, they will be linked on your Home Page.


4) Close the ShareSpace. We recommend using the "Logout" button at the top right-hand side. This will end your session and prompt you to check in any checked-out documents.