How to use NetDocuments outside your office


From time to time, you may find yourself working outside the office (for weather-related or personal reasons, or on a public computer). Outside the office, you can still access NetDocuments through a web browser (such as Internet Explorer). But, you might not have the Microsoft Office Integration (ndOffice) installed. 

NOTE: Your firm's system administrator may prevent you from directly accessing NetDocuments via a browser outside the office. Please contact your Administrator if you are unable to login via a standard browser connection.

This article describes how to use NetDocuments without using the Office Integrations (or ndOffice). For example, at your office you may use ndOffice regularly on your computer to open and save documents. When you go home, or use another computer outside of the office, ndOffice may not be available. However, even without them, you can still perform the actions that are available with the Integrations. If you wish to install ndOffice (or any other software) at your home, you can visit our Software Download page. 

NOTE: Some of these features below, of course, still require the use of Internet Explorer with the ActiveX add-on installed.  These methods also still work even if the Integrations are installed. You can also use NetDocuments in other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) without the ActiveX add-on for Internet Explorer. Learn More.

You can also edit documents using Office Online (Microsoft web apps) in any browser. Your firm's administrator may limit use of the Office Online access.  

Create New Document 

In NetDocuments, click the New button and you can create a new Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other type of document. You can choose the document name, its location in NetDocuments, and its profile values. When you click OK, the selected application will launch as if you had opened the document from NetDocuments. Type in your document text and click the X to close Word (or other application) and Save it. Click the Check In button to check it in.


Check in as new version 

After you make your edits to a document and you want to save it as another version of the original, simply save your changes and close your document as you normally would. Next, go to the Check-in List at the top right and click the number.


This will bring up a list of your Checked Out documents. Find the document you just edited and hover over it and you will see New Version. Clicking this will check in your document as a new version of the original. 


Start by adding a New Version 

You can also explicitly add a new version to an existing document. Click on the V# to open the Versions dialog window.


You will see the option to Add a Version which will make a new version from the selected version. 


Or you can use the Upload Version button, prompting you to upload an existing local file and make it a new version of the existing document in NetDocuments. 



Of course, you can also click the name of an existing document in NetDocuments to open it and make changes without the Office Integrations.  Make your changes and close and save and check it back into NetDocuments. For easier access, you can place a shortcut in your browser to access your Recent Documents list using this link:


You can use the Upload button to import an existing local file. 


Save Local

Without the Integrations, Save As in Word will work the same as Save Local would with the Office Integrations.