EMS Folders unable to connect to NetDocuments. HTTP status 503. Server returned error (407).



When users are getting an EMS Folders or EMS Profiler error stating

"Unable to connect to NetDocuments: the request failed with HTTP status 503: service unavailable" 


"The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required." 

it is caused by the proxy settings on the network, specifically an authenticating proxy.


A proxy is a device that can limit bandwidth, content, unwanted users and the transfer of unwanted or malicious software. An authenticating proxy requires authentication from a particular device using a log-in that is unique from a Windows Active Directory, a wireless access point, or network log-in.


EMS does not carry the utility to communicate and authenticate with an authenticating proxy. Web browsers are more robust and carry this utility, as they are designed to. EMS Folders is not designed with this utility to communicate with an authenticating proxy.



To allow EMS traffic within this type of configuration please allow exemptions for:

US datacenter:



EU datacenter:



AU datacenter:




Alternatively, if you have a specific proxy that does not require authentication, you can configure EMS to be directed to that specific proxy using the steps outlined here:


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