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If you have installed our Application Integrations in Microsoft Word you may have noticed that the "Save As" option now takes you to NetDocuments to save your document rather than your local PC. This is very convenient when you want the document to be saved in ND as a Word doc but in some cases you may want to save the document locally as a different file type (PDF for example). Without our Integrations installed, when you click the Save As option you will see options to save the document in a different format: 


You can add this menu to the Quick Access Toolbar in Word by clicking the drop-down arrow in the Quick Access Toolbar and clicking "More Commands": 


From here, select "All Commands" from the drop-down at the top and select the "Save As Other Format" option and move it to the list on the right: *In Word 2013 you will want to select the "Save as Other Formats" option. 


You can now access the "Save As Other Format" menu from the Quick Access Toolbar and still use the normal "Save As" option to save Word documents to NetDocuments: 


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