WebDAV on Mac OS X


It's now easier than ever to use WebDAV on a Mac. With the release of NetDocuments 13.1 you are now able to access workspaces in addition to folders, through WebDAV. This allows Mac users the ability to add and work with documents in NetDocuments directly from the finder in OSX.  You will no longer need to login via your web browser to upload or download and check out documents.  It is now as easy as opening a document from a file folder within Apple's OSX finder, making a change and saving it back to the folder as you normally do. When you add or edit documents in a Webfolder, the changes are automatically saved and uploaded back to the NetDocuments servers.

Setting up WebDAV does not remove your ability to log in via your browser for the full NetDocuments web interface from your local machine or any other web enabled device.

If you have large folders it may take extended periods of time for the folders to populate the first time they are accessed.


In OSX click "Go" and choose "Connect to Server."


You will be prompted to enter a server address as shown.

US data center customers enter: https://vault.netvoyage.com/webfolders 

UK data center customers enter: https://eu.netdocuments.com/webfolders

DE data center customers enter: https://de.netdocuments.com/webfolders

If you are not sure which data center you belong to you can log into NetDocuments and go to Settings and Click account information to see the section on WebDAV.


After entering the Server Address you will be prompted for a username and password after selecting the radio button option for Registered User. Enter your NetDocuments usersname and password and thats it.  Wasn't that easy?


When you open Finder you will now see vault.netvoyage.com listed under the Shared section on the left.  When you click that link you can open the WebDAV and you will see your cabinet(s) as well as a folder for your recent documents.  You will also see folders for your recent and favorite workspaces if you are using workspaces and any folders in those workspaces.


In the example above I have two main cabinets, "Documents" and "NetDocuments" you also see a folder for recent documents as well as My Cabinet.  Be advised that the My Cabinet has a total storage limit of 3 MB and we recommend it not be used.  Exceeding that will will cause your account to be locked out.


  • The 90-minute NetDocuments Service timeout feature does not function when you are accessing your account through WebDAV.  If you want to log out you will need to click the Eject button next to the Server name on the left pane.

  • While there are benefits to using WebDAV for copying entire folders and deleting multiple documents, some document service functions, particularly those involving sharing and collaboration, can be performed only through the normal NetDocuments web interface.

  • Also if you are dragging documents to or adding documents into a folder, the document will inherit the profile values of the folder.  The same thing applies to a workspace folder.  This means that some profile fields may not be completed.  You will need to be aware of this potential limitation depending on how you have profiled your folders.

  • If you check the box to "Remember this password in my key chain" and you eject the WebDAV the next time you set up WebDAV it will automatically login.  If you need to clear that entry from your key chain so that it allows you to enter new credentials and access a new account you can follow the steps provided.

Go to Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access and delete the entry for vault.netvoyage.com if you are a US data center customer, eu.netdocuments.com if you are a UK data center customer or de.netdocuments.com if you are a DE data center customer.