How to Clear the ActiveX (web) Echo Folder

NetDocuments recommends using ndClick application instead of ActiveX for better performance and functionality. See ndClick.

If you are seeing an "Error 2" or an "Error 3" when the Check-In process is run that references a document on your PC, you may need to "reset" the Check-In process by renaming your Echo folder.


There may also be other scenarios you run into where you need to get back to a clean Echo folder. You will need to be very careful doing this, you will want to make sure you do not have any other documents opened and checked out while you do this (except for the documents that are causing problems of course).

NOTE: If you are using ndOffice, you will need a different set of steps. Learn more about Locating and Renaming the ndOffice Echo Folder

To clear your Echo folder, follow ALL of these steps in this EXACT order:

  1. Close and check-in all other documents, then log out of NetDocuments and close all browser windows.
  2. Open the Echo folder (Start>All Programs>NetDocuments Check-In List>View Echo folder). (If the Check-In List is not under the Start menu, it may be a small icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.)
  3. Open the Windows Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) and end any NeNote.exe (NetDocuments Check-In List) processes, this process cannot be running when you perform the next step.
  4. Rename the Echo folder to something like "ND_OLD" (this can then be deleted after the issue has been resolved).
  5. Reboot the PC.

These errors generally occur when there is an issue during the uploading of the document that causes the Check-In process to think the document still needs to be uploaded, or if a document is removed from the Echo folder while it is still checked out.  You can also run into similar issues if you are editing or adding documents directly in your Echo folder.

NOTE: You should never Edit documents or remove documents directly from your Echo folder except in cases of emergency.

Resetting the Check-In List will also help if you encounter an error such as "Error 80070046 (or 8007005): The document failed to upload".


Key words:

Error 2 occurred while preparing to upload

Error 3 occurred while preparing to upload


Reset Check-In List