Troubleshooting the ActiveX

NetDocuments recommends using ndClick application instead of ActiveX for better performance and functionality. See ndClick.

Troubleshooting the ActiveX or repeated prompts to install the ActiveX - using NetDocuments without the ActiveX or having the latest version installed.

Although you may be using NetDocuments with Internet Explorer, that does not mean you are receiving the seamless functionality of our ActiveX.  You should be aware of the negative aspects of this.

  • Automatic check-in/check-out of documents will not function. NetDocuments will not automatically retain any saves or changes to a document. You must save the document locally and upload the changes manually.
  • Automated log-in will not function.
  • Document echoing cannot be enabled. 

This situation can occur depending on the group policy or network settings that may restrict you from upgrading the ActiveX. Please contact your system administrator for more information regarding these settings.

The signs that can indicate the ActiveX is not functioning or is not installed:

1. You receive this prompting when navigating to


2. You could be using the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer.

  • This setting can be found under Help > About Internet Explorer in the browser window.


3. When clicking on a document to check-out, you are prompted to download.


If you are finding this behavior please use the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer or use the link below and refer to our article on removing all ActiveX components so the latest version can be installed.

These symptoms may also indicate that the "NeRemoteDoc Class" add-on is disabled under Tools > Manage Add-ons.

Learn how to Uninstall the ActiveX Add-on.