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This article is to provide a description of the NetDocuments Service Status Alerts process. The goal is to communicate to the user base whenever there is a datacenter issue that impacts multiple customers.

NetDocuments provides Service Alerts whenever we deem that there is an issue occurring that is impacting a customer’s users.  Our goal is to post that alert as quickly as possible when we have determined that an issue is not local to a user, but is in fact impacting a wider population of users.

NetDocuments strives to strike the best balance between sending an alert as quickly as possible while at the same time confirming that it is in fact something that is related to our datacenter and the service delivery of NetDocuments so as to not send any unnecessary false alerts. 

When a Service Alert is posted, we provide as much information as possible at the time.  Sometimes we have very limited information when it is first posted, but our policy is to post the announcement as quickly as we can and then provide additional information on subsequent posts as it is obtained related to the incident.

NetDocuments will post posts subsequent to the initial Service Status alert, on a periodic basis.  The frequency will be determined for each Service Alert based on the severity.  Typically, in a customer-wide issue, we will post updates approximately every 20-30 minutes until the issue is resolved or we will provide a timeline in the previous post explaining the resolution.

After the issue is resolved, we provide additional information regarding its resolution as it is available.  We are not able in all cases to determine a root cause and in those situations we provide that information also.

Some problems that customers experience relate to the Internet itself and possibly some regional issue.  In those cases, we will make a determination if a posting is warranted based on the customer responses we receive.

We have enabled key support engineers to be able to post Service Alerts, so that we can post alerts as quickly as possible for customers. 

NetDocuments goal is to provide the best and most timely communications whenever there is a Service Status issue with our datacenter which impacts customers.

To summarize, these are the key points:

  1. Any user who wishes to receive Service Status alerts should subscribe to the Alerts.
  2. When an issue is determined, an Alert is posted and is sent to all subscribers.
  3. A description is provided for the issue with the information that is available at the time of posting.
  4. Additional Alerts are sent on a frequent basis depending on the severity of the issue with as much detail as possible including an estimated resolution time.
  5. When the issue is resolved an Alert will be sent stating that the issue is resolved.  We will also state the root cause if it is known at that time or state that we will provide more information after the cause of the issue is researched. Sometimes the root cause will not be determinable.

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