Internet Explorer (IE) Issues


If you are using NetDocuments in Internet Explorer with the ActiveX add-on installed, you may encounter one or more of the following issues:

  • The browser keeps logging me out of NetDocuments.
  • Some of the buttons in NetDocuments do not respond, or do not appear at all - for example, the Upload button, the search bar, and Recent Docs lists.
  • Some pages or panels do not display correctly - such as the left navigation pane, or the document details pane on the right. 
  • Pop-ups and light-box windows do not display correctly. 
  • IE gives a message saying it is blocking the website from displaying certain content. 

First, we recommend using the latest version of IE available. NetDocuments only supports IE 11. IE 8 is no longer supported as of April 8, 2014.

You may also need to install Windows Updates.

Next, check your IE settings. See our Recommended IE Settings for more information on IE Settings. 

Check for any unnecessary or unknown browser add-ons or malware that may be present. Go to Tools > Manage Add-ons or Control Panel > Programs and Features and uninstall any unfamiliar add-ons. 

Resetting the Browser

Finally, in most cases, resetting the browser will resolve your issue. A Browser Reset returns all IE settings to the state they were in when Internet Explorer was first installed on your PC.

There are two different types of resets for Internet Explorer. There is a partial reset, and a full reset. A full reset will put IE back to a fresh install state. Do a partial reset first to see if this resolves the issue.

To do a partial reset:

  1. Click on File from the menu bar, and click on Internet Options. You can also click on the Gearwheel (cogwheel) in the upper right of the window, and then select Internet options.
  2. Near the bottom of the window, on the General Tab, there is a section title "Browsing history". Click on the Delete.... button.
  3. The top four check boxes are already checked. It is recommended to leave them checked. If you want to check additional boxes, that will be at your discretion.
  4. Click the delete button.
  5. Once this is done, click the okay button, close out Internet Options, and then start a new IE session.
  6. Re-try to see if the browser issues is still present. If present, open up Internet Options and proceed to step 4 below.

To do a full reset:

  1. Close all Internet Explorer and Explorer windows that are currently open.
  2. Start Internet Explorer. 
  3. On the Tools menu, click Internet options. (If you don't see the Tools menu, press Alt.)
  4. In the Internet Options window, go to the Advanced tab.
  5. Click Reset.
  6. Select the Delete personal settings check box if you also want to remove browsing history, search providers, Accelerators, home pages, Tracking Protection, and ActiveX Filtering data. (This step is recommended by NetDocuments Support)

NOTE: Checking this box will remove all your favorites, feeds, and any cookies you require. To keep these you will need to export your favorites. This will need to be done before proceeding. The steps to save your favorites are as follows:

  1. Click on the favorite's star, click on the drop down arrow, and select "Import and Export...". If you have the menu bar enabled, then click on File, and then "Import and Export...", near the bottom.
  2. Next select Export to a file, and then click on the next button.
  3. Select what you want to export, and then click next.
  4. Select the folders you want to save, and then click next.
  5. Select the location you want to save the file to, and then click export.

Once done, you can proceed with doing a full reset of IE.

  1. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click Reset.
  2. When Internet Explorer finishes applying default settings, hit  Close, and then hit OK.
  3. Exit and then start Internet Explorer.

If you are still experiencing issues, especially with the Workspace selector and search bar functions not responding, go to Tools > Internet Options > General > Delete (browsing history) and check all the boxes, except uncheck "Preserve Favorites Website data" and then re-start the browser.