How to Uninstall the ActiveX Add-on

NetDocuments recommends using ndClick application instead of ActiveX for better performance and functionality. See ndClick.

If you need to completely uninstall the ActiveX add-on for Internet Explorer, follow these steps:

1) Close all of your IE browsers and close any Office applications.

2) Open the Windows Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) and end any neNote.exe (NetDocuments Check-In List) processes. This process cannot be running when you perform the next steps.

3) Go to Start > Control Panel. Go to Programs and Features. Look for "NetDocuments Document Activation." If it is there, uninstall it.

4) Then, from both of these locations:

C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files

C:\Program Files (x86)\NetDocuments

delete these files (if they exist):






To re-install the ActiveX:

a) If other non-admin users will be using the same PC, we recommend installing the ActiveX through the msi installer as a local administrator for 'everyone' on the PC, then re-starting the computer.

b) You can also simply open Internet Explorer and go to the NetDocuments login page, then install the ActiveX when you are prompted. (You will need to be logged in as a local administrator on the PC to install the ActiveX).

NOTE: In Windows 8, Program Files is hidden and must be accessed via a command prompt with Admin privileges.