NetDocuments iPad App with Quickoffice (Email New Version)



There is no setup required to use the NetDocuments iPad app with Quickoffice.

Using the NetDocuments iPad App in Conjunction with Quickoffice (Email)

NOTE: Although this KB article refers directly to the Quickoffice app we would expect that other apps that allow you to email a document will work in the same way.

NOTE: The new version created when emailing in as a new version becomes the official version of the document.

NOTE: Documents emailed in as a new version should be reflected in the system in under 5 minutes.

NOTE: The same steps can be followed when you choose the "Copy Link - Email Check in" however the document must first be checked out via the web interface. 

Select a document in the NetDocuments app to display it in the NetDocuments app viewer. Click the open envelope icon at the top center of the screen and choose the "Copy Link - Email New Version".


You will be prompted to let you know the link has been copied to your iPad clip board, click "OK."


Click the right pointing arrow in the upper right corner and choose the "Open In" option then choose the "Open in Quickoffice"option.



With your document open in Quickoffice you are free to make your edits.  When you have finished editing the document and would like to save it back to NetDocuments as a new version of the existing document click the "Close" icon in the upper left and choose "Save As." 


Remove the number that is appended to the end of the document name so that it matches the name of the document opened form NetDocuments and click "Save" in the upper right.


Click and hold on your document in the list and the email envelope icon will expand at the bottom. Drag and drop your document on the envelope icon.


Click in the "To" field to place your cursor and then click and briefly hold, when you let go the second time you should get and option to paste. Paste the email address that was copied in step one into that field and hit send.


Notice: The email address you are using in this example has an "NV" immediately before the @ symbol. The "NV" stands for new version and any document emailed in using an email address like this, will get the email itself dropped and the attachment will be added as the new, official version.

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