Compile error in Hidden module: ndint




After installing our Application Integrations in Word you see the following Run-time error:

"Compile error in Hidden module: ndint"





1. You have multiple instances of the NetDocuments Application Integration installed.


2. Either you have the 64bit version of Microsoft Office installed or the ActiveX control has not been installed in IE yet. Our Application Integrations are currently only supported in the 32bit version of Office. If you do have the 32bit version of Office installed and you are still seeing this error you may need to install the ActiveX control in IE.  To do this you can open the 32bit version of IE and go to the NetDocuments login page. You should be prompted to install the add-in here.

If not you can manually install it here:

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    What about the 64bit version of Office? Is Netdocs ever going to support that version? If not, is there a way to suppress this error message?

    This is on a computer for a client and the repeated popup is annoying them. Seems like the extensions are working fine, the problem is only this error dialog constantly appearing.

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    We do not currently have plans to write an integration with the 64bit version. If you have the 64bit version installed you should not have our integrations installed (or you could just uninstall the 64bit version and install the 32bit version).  

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    This thread is older now, but the current versions of Ndoffice (anything from 1.8.12 and newer) support 64 bit versions of office. For anyone coming across this in the future, NDoffice is the solution.

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