ActiveX (browser add-in) Information

NetDocuments recommends using ndClick application instead of ActiveX for better performance and functionality. See ndClick.

What ActiveX control is installed?

NetDocuments RemoteDoc

What is the function of the ActiveX Control?

It is used to transfer documents to and from the NetDocuments repository, launch document editing applications on the workstation, manage a local document cache on the workstation, maintain state information for documents checked out during the current session.

Do I need to install updates to the ActiveX?

Your network or system administrator will likely install updates for you. Otherwise, you will be prompted to install updates to the ActiveX periodically.

Does the user require administer rights to the computer to install the ActiveX?

Yes, you will be asked to install the ActiveX program the first time you use NetDocuments.

Does the control have a valid VeriSign Certificate?


Is data being transferred from the user's workstation to the web host and if so what is the nature of the data?

Documents stored in a NetDocuments repository are downloaded to the workstation for editing and then uploaded to the repository for storage.

Is the data secure?

Yes, all data transfers use SSL.

Can the control be provided on physical media (CD or disk)?

There is an install for the browser add-in. That installation can be found at

What is the URL where the ActiveX message is encountered in the browser? At this URL, if the user is in Internet Explorer the user will be prompted to install the ActiveX control.

Is an ID/Password required and if so please describe?

The user’s NetDocuments username and password are required to access the repository.

What dependencies does the control have (i.e specific version of Internet Explorer, third party plug-ins, firewall port openings, OS requirements)

Internet Explorer 11.0 or higher, Windows 7 or higher.

Are there any specific browser or security settings required?

Pop-ups must be allowed from the "" domain. We also recommend adding "" to the Trusted Sites zone.

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