ShoreTel with Outlook (MAPI) ABSTVM32.DLL_unloaded



There is a known issue with using ShoreTel and their Outlook integration (MAPI). This is a ShoreTel issue, not a NetDocuments one, and may be manifest if the user has the ShoreTel Outlook integration installed and uses NetDocuments "E-mail Copy" feature with NetDocuments "Desktop Email Integration" turned on in the user's Settings. 

The error message usually references an Internet Explorer add-in (ABSTVM32.DLL_unloaded) however the problem resides within Outlook. ShoreTel is aware of the problem and there is no known resolution at this time. 

One NetDocuments firm using ShoreTel has found the following workaround for this issue:

"The only option is to either not use the Outlook email integration and use the built in webmail in NetDocs or to not run the ShoreTel MAPI in Outlook. Personally I don’t run with the MAPI for this reason."

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