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If you are installing the integrations in Microsoft Office 2010 and you receive an error message similar to the one below you will need to follow the steps outlined to complete the install.

Error Message: The version of Word is not supported by the integrations. "Empty Key"

Warning:  Always back up your registry before making changes.  Working in the system registry can cause applications to quit working or cause your system to crash.  Only make changes in the registry if you know what you are doing. 

When the NetDocuments Integrations are installed it checks the Registry for these keys to make sure that you have a supported version of Office installed:


The Following Outline the steps required to fix an issue with a Word install error but by substituting the Word.Application location with any of the other Office applications you can Verify and fix any and all application installs.

Click the Start button in the bottom Left corner of Windows and in the search box type “regedit” without quotes and hit the Enter key.  This will have opened the registry editor.  Expand HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, expand Word.Application.  You should see two Keys (subfolders) CLSID and CurVer.

If there is no CurVer Key, click on and select Word.Application and click “Edit” from the menu at the top and select “New” and choose “Key”.

Name the Key “CurVer”.  Click on the new CurVer Key to select it and you will see a (Default) value in the window on the right.  Right click Default and choose modify.  In the Value data field enter “Word.Application.14”

A new CurVer key and or .Application.14 need to be created if either are missing for other office applications that you are trying to install the NetDocuments applications integrations into. 


Listed below are the values used if you are fixing other Office applications.

Location                                                 Value Data

Excel.Application                                 Excel.Application.14

Outlook.Application                            Outlook.Application.14

PowerPoint.Application                      PowerPoint.Application.14


8/5/15 CMF, ran into an instance where the outlook.application locale wasn't there, I was able to create it and then add the key as Russ described above. I omitted the CLSID and the install completed and tested successful.

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