Microsoft Visual Basic Run-Time error when saving a document with our Office Integrations (8007001f)



If you are trying to save a document using our Application Integrations in Microsoft Office and you encounter the below error, Internet Explorer may not be set correctly as the default browser. 

Run-time error '-2147024865 (8007001f)': Method 'Import' of object 'IndActiveDoc' failed


You can set IE as the default browser by going to "Tools > Internet Options > Programs" and clicking the "Make Default" button.  


If this is already set (the button is grayed out) you may need to set a different browser as your default (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and then go back and set IE as the default again. This error may also occur if you do not have the NetDocuments ActiveX control installed in IE. You can install it here.





A device attached to the system is not functioning

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