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How Does NetDocuments Support Me as a Customer?

We at NetDocuments Support want to take a moment and provide additional information related to the various support tools that we provide for customers and how they work.

First of all, we want you to know that in this cloud world we live in, we strive to make as much information as possible available to everyone.

We also provide the opportunity for users to comment on various articles. The primary value of those comments is so users can also add information to a specific article to further clarify it or expand on it for the benefit of other users.

This commenting ability allows us to "crowdsource" information that we provide to leverage all of the great knowledge you have as users of NetDocuments.

Along with this commenting ability, since it is open for any kind of comment, we realize that comments may be posted that would be better handled by contacting our NetDocuments Support group to assist. That way everyone benefits more from comments that are focused on specific articles.

Support Resources

When you go to the Support Portal, you will see several sections. We wanted to clarify how each is used.

What's New - this section is where general announcements for all customers are posted such as information on new Updates, Beta Testing, and other general information. We suggest that you subscribe to this section heading so that you will receive an alert when something is posted here. When a new announcement is posted, you will then receive an email alert. 

Service Status Information - this section is where we post information when there is a problem with the NetDocuments Service. We suggest that you subscribe to either the US, EU, or AU datacenter section if you need to receive this type of information. When there is a service-related issue, we will post information here. It is always a balancing act between posting as much detail on an issue as possible and, at the same time, posting the information in a timely manner. It is useful for customers to know we are aware of an issue so they can know that it is not something at their location, even though we may not know detail surrounding the issue at the time. We will then update the notice with additional detail as we become aware of that information as quickly as we can. We also encourage you to be familiar with NetDocuments disaster recovery options, or know what to do if the NetDocuments Service is inaccessible

Troubleshooting - this is the most valuable operational section on the portal since it contains information regarding all areas of the Service. When you do a search on this page, most information will come from articles that are posted here. Our Support group is very active in adding new information here on a regular basis to provide you with the most current and informative information we have available. If you experience an issue when using NetDocuments, we encourage you to search and look for information in the Knowledgebase prior to opening a Case with the Support group. We highly encourage you to add comments to these articles that will further assist others by providing more information related to the article. If you think we can improve the article in some way or the feature, feel free to comment on that so we can further improve the NetDocuments Service. You can subscribe to receive alerts for this section, but unless you want a lot of email alerts, it may be better to peruse this section from time to time or when you are looking for a specific solution to a problem. Additionally, you may want to subscribe to individual articles within this section if you find an article that interests you.

Document Management, Email Management, Administration, and Downloads & Integrations - Product documentation - these sections provide documentation on product features and available software. If you have a question about how the product works, or if you are looking for a particular feature or function, you will find it here. 

Ideas (Feature Requests) - this section is used for any ideas that you want to submit to us that will help improve the NetDocuments Service. We actively monitor this and each item is reviewed for possible inclusion in the Service at a future time. This input is very valuable to us and even though we may not be able to incorporate all suggestions into the Service, your submissions help us better understand how you are using the Service so we can prioritize new features accordingly. You can subscribe to receive alerts for this section, but unless you want a lot of email alerts, it may be better to peruse this section from time to time or subscribe to individual articles/ideas that might interest you.

Community - Customer Forums - this area is provided as a platform for customers and users to help each other with valuable information. You have the ability to add articles here which will benefit the entire community of NetDocuments users. Any information or tips or 3rd party information that can be useful to the entire community is encouraged. These articles are moderated by the Support group. You can subscribe to receive alerts for this section, but unless you want a lot of email alerts, it may be better to peruse this section from time to time or when you are looking for a specific solution to a problem or subscribe to individual articles.

Submitting Requests (Cases) - we encourage all customers and users to enter tickets at when you need assistance with your usage of NetDocuments. This provides us and you with a history of the Cases and allows us to process them more thoroughly and more quickly. You are welcome to contact us via phone as well, however, the written submission of requests allows us to be more efficient in handling your items. Tips for Submitting a Support Request

Calling the Support Desk - If your issue still has not been resolved after using the resources above, give us a call at the following numbers and we will help you resolve your issue.

US customers call 801-226-6882 or 866-NETDOCS (638-3627)

EU customers call +44(0) 2034.556770

AU customers call +61 2 8310 4319

While NetDocuments provides free product support when you purchase a subscription to the service, NetDocuments Support personnel are unable to access or perform certain functions relating to your firm's documents and proprietary information. This may include:

a) Updating and maintaining:

          i. look-up tables (profile values)

          ii. repository and cabinet administration settings

          iii. user access rights

b) Updating end-user client software

c) Maintaining local network settings

d) Creating and re-setting user's passwords. 

We are happy to help you troubleshoot issues with these features, such as potential bugs, troubleshooting and resolving error messages, and answering specific questions about the product. Support also may answer some sales-related inquiries; however, we recommend you contact our Sales Department (option #1) or your assigned Sales representative for specific questions about your account. 

We thank you all as customers and users of the NetDocuments Service. We know that you are the best customers a vendor can have and we thank you for being NetDocuments customers and users. Our goal is to always serve you the best we can and provide the best Service possible.

Thank you,

The NetDocuments Team 


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