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If NetDocuments has a Scheduled Maintenance Event

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This is the easiest scenario for users to work with, because it is a planned event and users can take certain steps prior to the downtime to prepare.
When there is a scheduled maintenance event, NetDocuments will provide a Service Status alert about a week prior to the event. You will receive this alert if you have subscribed to the Service Status section on the support web page at A notice will also be displayed at the top of the NetDocuments Home page for all users.
There are generally two things that you'll need to do while the service is offline for maintenance:
1. Create New Documents
When NetDocuments has a scheduled downtime for maintenance, you will still be able to create documents during that time using the standard Windows methods. These documents can be imported into the NetDocuments Service when it available again.
1.    Open the application such as Microsoft Word or Excel and start a new document. 
2.    If you have Microsoft Office add-ins installed, click File > Save Local.  If you do not, simply click File > Save.
3.    When the Service is available again, use the Upload option in NetDocuments to put the documents into the correct location in NetDocuments.
2. Work with Existing documents in NetDocuments
Normally prior to the scheduled downtime, you would identify documents needed during the downtime and download them to your local device. You can edit them if you choose using the method described above while they are on the local device.
When the NetDocuments scheduled maintenance is complete, if you have edited any of the documents, you can upload the changed documents as a new document or a new version of an existing document. For documents that you have not edited, you will just need to change the check-out flag in NetDocuments to be checked in for others to use.
Manually Check-out Documents
If you want to check out documents to your local device so they cannot be changed by others prior to the scheduled maintenance, you can manually check-out documents. Choose the option to Check out and save a local copy. Downloaded copies can be saved and edited locally offline, then can be uploaded and checked back in when the service is available again. This method is similar to the method for editing documents in browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari where there are no add-ons or extensions installed. Learn More about manual check out
NOTE: Checking out a document will prevent it from being edited by other users, until it is checked back in.
Use the Echo folder
Another way you can work on existing documents during scheduled maintenance, is to use the Echo directory. This has to be previously enabled, which we recommend, if you are on your office computer.  Your Echo directory will only contain documents you have accessed prior to the maintenance event.
If you have Echoing enabled, you can edit these documents, and upload them to NetDocuments when the service is back online. To get to the Echo folder, go to Start > Programs > NetDocuments Check-in list > View Echo folder. (If you do not get the option to view Echo folder, click the option a second time)
You can edit these documents, however, we recommend that you copy them out to another local location (such as your desktop) before you do so.  

Once the service is available again, you should upload the edited versions to overwrite the existing online copy, or you can upload it as another version. 

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