ShareSpace Security


When a user creates a new ShareSpace on the fly, he or she is the only person with access to the ShareSpace by default. If the ShareSpace is first created on a workspace, then it will inherit the access list of the workspace. Cabinet users do not have default access until this user explicitly grants such. This is done because ShareSpaces are used typically for ad hoc projects and very specific users or groups and rarely will need an entire cabinet membership to be part of the ShareSpace. This also prevents all Internal Users from unnecessarily receiving alerts or notifications as changes are made to it.

The default security of a ShareSpace is different than that of individual documents and folders. Unlike individual documents that inherit security rights at creation, the ShareSpace access list must be defined explicitly. This is best done before the documents are added. Unlike individual documents where only cabinet members can access them, a user can grant ShareSpace access to non-repository members anywhere in the world, provided they have an email address, a web browser (such as Internet Explorer), and Internet access. 

To grant Internal Users access to a ShareSpace:

  1. Open the ShareSpace
  2. Click on Modify Access
  3. Choose either the Cabinet Members or any User Group
  4. Select a User, a User Group, or the Cabinet default access from the left and add it to the People sharing this ShareSpace box on the right.
  5. Define the access rights for each individual User or Group

To grant non-Repository Members (ShareSpace Contacts) access to a ShareSpace:

  1. Open the ShareSpace
  2. Click on Modify Access
  3. Choose ShareSpace Personal Contacts from the left hand side. 
  4. Click the Add… button
  5. Enter the person's email address and choose OK
  6. If the person is not already a registered NetDocuments user, you will be prompted to enter a first and last name and assign a username.
  7. Click OK

Sharing with a Password:


If you have created a new user account, when you click the Email Link option, that person will be sent a link that will take them to a page to create their own password and provide them their username and then open the ShareSpace for them. 

Sharing without a Password:

If you choose to not create an account for a person sharing the ShareSpace, you can choose to share it privately without a password. This is generally used when you are planning on sharing only once with this person.

If you choose this option, the page will adjust as follows. You will notice there is no place to enter a username:


You can also set an expiration date for the ShareSpace, which means that the access will be removed after that many days for the recipient.

When using either of the above options, it is required for you to Click the Email Link button when you are ready to share the ShareSpace so the user will receive the link to access the ShareSpace as well as input their username and password, when using that option.

NOTE: NetDocuments cannot prevent any user from saving a document locally, printing it, or sending a copy via email. However, you can prevent others from granting anyone else access to your ShareSpace by granting them either View (V) or View|Edit (VE) rights. Share (S) rights allow anyone to add others to the access list of the ShareSpace.

NOTE: When sharing with a user without requiring a password, there will not be an option to grant View|Share (VS) rights to those users. 

Restrictions for View-Only Users

The rest of this article is mostly for users who have more than View-only rights.

A ShareSpace user with View-only rights is intended to have the right to:

  • View the documents
  • Make comments in a Discussion item in the ShareSpace (if one has been created by the ShareSpace creator)

ShareSpace options that are not available to View-only users are:

  • Upload/New
  • Modify access
  • History

ShareSpace options that are available to View-only users are:

  • Email Link
  • Follow
  • Show Folders
  • Move/Copy
  • Delete

Document Options that are available to View-only users are:

  • Email link
  • Email Copy
  • View
  • Download
  • Star (add to Home Page)

The Add to Home Page option is removed from the ShareSpace page, ShareSpace Document Profile page, list view pages, and Document Details panel for users who are not a member of any Repository.