Modifying the Access List of multiple documents or folders at one time



You can change the access list for all documents matching a search criteria or all documents in a folder or other List View. NetDocuments allows adding to, subtracting from, or completely replacing the existing access list. 

Use the Modify Access option for a group of documents on a Search Results, Recent Documents List, and Folder pages to add users, modify current access, or remove users. This option can be used on up to 500 items at a time.

To change up to 10,000 items at a time, from a Search Results page go to Search Result Options > Modify Access. Only Cabinet Administrators will see this option. 

This option applies to all items returned in the search results, up to 10,000 items. This process can take several minutes depending on the number of documents requested. When the option is selected from a search results page, it will be completed as a background process and you will be sent an email when it completes. The email will include a number showing how many items were changed. You will be prompted with any documents that fail in the process, due to insufficient rights or if documents exist in Cabinets other than the one you first specified for the mass change. 

The Mass Access Change dialog will appear as follows: 


The left-hand side will display all the users and groups that are available for the cabinet. Select one or more groups to add them to the right-hand side. The list at the right are the users and groups that will be applied in the change.

The change mode options are as follows:

  • Add - This will add to the documents' ACL only those users or groups that are listed in the dialog's right-hand list.
  • Remove - This will remove from the documents' ACL only those users or groups that are listed in the dialog's right-hand list.
  • Replace - This will remove the documents' existing ACLs and replace them with the ACL defined in the dialog's right-hand list.

Folder Access List

If you want to change everything in a folder tree, open the access list for the top folder and select the box that says "apply this access list to all documents and subfolders in this folder." This will change the access list for the folder you have selected, any subfolders in that folder and any documents in any of the folders.  Changing all documents and subfolders under a parent folder does not have a limit on how many items will be changed.

NOTE: NetDocuments does not support the multiple document change capability for documents while in an open ShareSpace. However, if you use the option on a document from another List View that is contained in a ShareSpace, it will change the security of the ShareSpace itself since the Access List is at the ShareSpace level.

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