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NetDocuments is supported in browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome, as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). Depending on which of these browsers you use, NetDocuments may function in slightly different ways. 

In Internet Explorer, functionality is enhanced when using an ActiveX add-on that is only available in Internet Explorer. If you have been using IE with the ActiveX, we recommend that you continue to use that so that you get all of the added benefits of the features provided by the ActiveX. 

See our Browser Comparison Guide for more information and to see what features are supported in the various browsers.

NOTE: For the purposes of this article, Safari is used as an example.  The other browsers will function similarly, with the exception of IE when using the ActiveX add-on.

The Login page will look very similar to the one in Internet Explorer.


When you click on a document, you will be taken to a document view. The Navigation Pane will be collapsed on the left, and you will have an option to "Download & Check out". All other options can be found on the right-hand side in the Document Details Panel.


When the "Download & Check out" option is clicked, the document will be downloaded to the browser's Downloads folder, and you will be prompted to open the document in its application.

NOTE: You can keep the document in the Downloads folder, or you can choose to save it to another local location, such as your Desktop. Remember where you saved it. You will need to access that location again in order to upload your edits back to NetDocuments. 


Clicking 'Open' will open the document. When you are finished making edits and the document is closed, you will have the options to Upload & and check the document back in, OR Check the document in as a new version of the existing document, as shown below.


Once the document is closed, and you click "Upload & Check in" you will be prompted to choose a file to overwrite the existing OR to reset the document to "checked in" without overwriting it.  If you want to save your new edits, you will want to select to overwrite the existing document.  The "reset" option is only used if you do NOT want to upload your new edits into NetDocuments.


Remember: If a document is left checked out, it cannot be edited by another user. We recommend you only leave documents checked out if they are to be edited offline and uploaded later. 

NOTE: Your browser's Downloads window may fill up with documents you have downloaded from NetDocuments. You can clear the list it by clicking the "Clear" button at the bottom. Be aware that as documents are downloaded to this folder, the most recently downloaded document is at the top. Others in the list will not be overwritten, even if they share the same name. The first example shows a Safari browser and the second shows a Firefox Downloads window. Notice the name of the most recent document has been changed.

Caution: Be sure to save and upload the correct document, or you may accidentally overwrite the existing one in NetDocs with a different file. We recommend that you clear the list each time to help avoid selecting the wrong document to save in NetDocuments.



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