Account Information


Primary Cabinet  

You can change your Primary Cabinet here.


This is the cabinet that is selected in your Quick Search and the Go to a Matter... button by default.  

My Inbox Email Address 

Use this automatically assigned email address to forward emails or have faxes forwarded into My Inbox folder. Every folder has an email address. However, if you wish to receive email to your NetDocuments account from outside users, the best way to control it is to forward your own email from others into this address. 


WebDAV is a feature that allows you to map to an FTP, HTTP or HTTPS location as though it were another local drive visible through Windows Explorer. NetDocuments provides for this connectivity so that you can open, copy, paste, move, and delete documents through your Windows Explorer interface. However, NetDocuments does not provide support for the WebDAV functionality, as that is specific to your Windows operating system.

Learn more about WebDAV.

NOTE: If you log into NetDocuments using WebDAV, you must log out of Windows to end your session. The 90-minute service timeout feature does not function when you are accessing your account through WebDAV.

NOTE: While there are benefits to using WebDAV for copying entire folders and deleting multiple documents, some document service functions, particularly those involving sharing and collaboration, can be performed only through the normal NetDocuments web interface. 

Display My Cabinet and Storage Space 

Shows how much disk space you have used in My Cabinet.  Users have a limit of 3 megabytes (MB) available in My Cabinet. Generally, My Cabinet should be ONLY used for receiving ShareSpaces from others outside of your organization. The amount of space cannot be increased. If a person wishes to have more personal space, the person should subscribe to an Professional Account.

My Cabinet can be displayed in the user's Navigation pane by checking the box. Learn more about My Cabinet