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The Print List option provides the ability to print a formatted list of documents from any List View page – Saved Search, Folder, or Recent Docs. The Print List option is available on all List View pages under Options similar to the Search Results page example shown below.


When the Print List option is clicked, a new browser window is opened and displays the entire search results (up to 500) in the following format:


When this window is displayed, the browser’s Print dialog will also automatically pop up over it. If you just want to view the list, just close the Print dialog. 

The columns included in your user-defined list view format are displayed. Learn more about Defining a Display Format.

Dates and times are formatted for the local workstation, as they are on the regular list view pages. The documents are sorted in one list alphabetically. 

The Print List option is available on any list view page, which includes Recent Documents, a search result page, a folder, or workspace list view. 

Additional Administrator Options

If you are a Cabinet Administrator then you have the ability to Print a List of a larger portion of the documents than the 500 limit for users.

On the a Search Results page, when the Print List option is selected, if there are more than 500 search results and if the user is a Cabinet Administrator, a dialog will be displayed letting the user decide how to proceed:


If the user selects Display List Now and clicks OK, it will close the dialog and display the print view window the same way it has in the past.

If the user selects Email Longer List and clicks OK, it will submit a background job to generate the document list.  The following confirmation dialog will be displayed: 


When the document list is generated via the background job processor, it will include up to 10,000 items. The list will not be sorted.  

You can choose to display the results as an HTML file formatted the same way as the print view, or choose to receive a CSV file of the results. 

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