Print List of Documents


With the Print List option you can print or download a list of documents from the List View page (Workspace, Filter, Folder, Saved Search, ShareSpace, or Search Results). The Print List option is available in the container menu:

With the Print List dialog box, you can select the format of your report, the delivery method, and the information the report should contain:

In the Settings section, select a report format:

  • Formatted report - This report opens in a new tab for printing (supports up to 8 columns). 
  • Delimited ASCII (CSV) - This option is ideal for importing the data into another program (supports the unlimited number of columns).
  • With Links (Excel) - This option contains links to the documents that are outlined in the report (supports the unlimited number of columns).

Additionally, in the Settings section, identify your delivery method:

  • Print/Download - The report is created on-the-fly, and delivered to your screen (Formatted report) or downloaded to your computer (as .csv or .exe file). To move to other activities, wait for the report to be created. This option is not available if there are more than 1500 items in the list.
  • Email me - The report is created on the server and emailed to you. You can continue working without waiting for the report to be created.


  • The items selected in the Attributes list by default indicate the columns displayed in the List View
  • Dates and times are formatted for the local workstation.
  • The documents are sorted in the Print List same as they are in the List View