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The Document Report (also known as a Folder Report) allows users to generate a report of a folder tree’s contents.

To run a Document Report:

1. Go to Folder Options, and click Document Report. The Document Report option is also available for a workspace under Workspace Options, and is also available for a cabinet under Cabinet Options on the Cabinet Page.


NOTE: If a report is generated for an entire cabinet or for a Workspace, documents that are NOT filed in a folder will NOT be included in the report. The report only includes documents that are filed in folders (yellow folder icon). If there are no folders on a workspace, the document report for that workspace will be blank. 

2. When the Document Report option is selected the following on-page dialog is displayed for the Document Report:


The email address field defaults to the user’s email address. The format field defaults to Printable. When the Generate Document Report form is submitted a background job will be queued to generate the report. It will traverse the folder tree beginning with the selected cabinet, folder, or workspace and will list each ShareSpace and document found. 

3. The csv report will have 2 columns, one for the folder path (including ShareSpace name) and one for the document name. The printable report will be in HTML format and will look like this:


The top-most level of the tree will use uppercase Roman numbers. The second level will use uppercase letters. The 3rd and all subsequent odd-numbered levels will use digits. The 4th and all subsequent even-numbered levels will use lowercase letters.

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