Adding a Top-Level Folder



There are three ways to add a top-level folder for your cabinet:

1) In the left-hand Navigation pane, click the link at the bottom of the folder list that says "Add a Top-level Folder."

2) A new folder can also be created on the fly when you are adding a new document or importing a document. A prompt will appear in the folder list for "New Folder" or "New Subfolder" and you can click that prompt and add the folder or subfolder.

3) From the Cabinet Page, click the Cabinet Options button on the right and select Add Folder.

This folder can also be placed on your Home Page by selecting the Add to Home Page option after you have created the folder. If you are a Cabinet Administrator, you can also add it to the Cabinet Page by selecting the same option.

If you are a Cabinet Administrator or the Cabinet Administrator has granted the ability at the Cabinet level for all users to create Shared Top-level folders, when you create a folder, the folder rights will be stamped with you as the creator with VESA rights plus the Cabinet Default rights.

If the Cabinet Administrator has restricted the right to create Shared top level folders, then users can only create personal top level folders which will only have that user with VE rights and the Access List cannot be changed.

NOTE: Folder names can be a maximum of 100 characters. The following characters are not allowed in folder names and it will stop you from entering an invalid character:

A tab and \ / : * ? " < > |

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