Saved Search vs. Folder


Should I use Saved Searches or Folders to manage my documents?

See also: Workspaces vs. Cabinet Folders

A Saved Search is a dynamic grouping of documents that share similar characteristics or content and that can span NetDocuments Repositories. Unlike cabinet folders, where documents have to be manually filed and which provide a static list of documents, Saved Searches provide a flexible way to dynamically locate groups of documents for a specific topic, even if the user doesn't have a specific document in mind. Saved Searches are ideal for larger organizations that rely on document profiles and custom attributes. 

  When to Use Profiling & Saved Searches   When to Use Folders
  • When there is a large collection of documents requiring the need to profile each document based on key words or characteristics such as client and matter.

  • When the above is true and users still want to "browse" (as compared to just searching) into structured document containers and discover relevant subjects and topics without knowing beforehand what to look for to locate documents which they did not know existed.

  • When conflicts exists in determining how documents should be placed into folders, e.g., by client and matter. What about folders by department and area of law? What about a combination of both?

  • When the goal is to create a "one firm" view spanning across regional offices in contrast to each office having its own set of local documents in a different database or folder.

  • Saved Searches provide quick access to documents when used in combination with the Home Page.

  • There is no limit to the number of documents in a Saved Search. 

  • As a static set or group of documents providing quick and easy navigation when the documents are not being modified often or the subject is not dynamic in nature, e.g., a template document folder or human resources folder with company policies, etc. providing a common view.

  • When creating a Cabinet for extranet purposes with external users who have minimal training and require the set of documents to be pre-organized and easy to locate and navigate.

  • For when a combination of folders and Saved Searches are desired where the folders are the top-level tier for easy navigation and Saved Searches are manually filed into these static folders for "dynamic" document categorization and filing at the lowest tier.

  • A folder has a limit of 500 subfolders.