Define Display Format


NetDocuments allows you to choose the attributes (or document metadata) that display in List View. List View pages include search results, Workspace List Views, Recent Documents, Saved Searches, and folder pages. 

To define your preferred view, select the Settings icon (shown below).


There are two types of List Views. Each type of list view can have its own format defined independently of the other: 

  • The Documents tab – includes Recent Documents, folders, search results, and Workspace List Views.
  • The Emails tab – includes My Email, the Email Workspace List View, or any search that displays only .msg and .eml files. 

The List View Display Dialog

When you open the List View Display dialog to define the columns of the list view, now you will only see column headings that are currently active on the cabinets you have access to.


NOTE: With the 21.12.0 release, you can add the Extension column to your list view.

You can define the order in which items are sorted in the list. To do this, select the item you want to rearrange and move it to the needed place in the list.

To add a new column, select the checkbox near the column you want to add.


To remove a column, clear the checkbox near the column you want to remove.

Select the OK button to confirm your settings. 

Remember, these settings are for you only and for all of your List Views across all cabinets. To define metadata columns on workspace summary views, a cabinet administrator must define them on the workspace template page.

Any new List View definition you set is applied to the Recent Docs and My Email lists, to cabinet folders, and to search results, which includes Saved Searches, filters, and workspace list views. If you do not like the results of your configuration, you can adjust it accordingly or restore the settings to the default at any time from this page.

NOTE: Repository Administrators can define a default List View Format for all users of their Repository that will be used as a default for those users. If this has been defined by the Administrator, any new user will have this format as the default.  If the user subsequently creates a personalized Format, it will override the format set by the Administrator. To set the Repository default, the Administrator will select the Save as repository default link at the bottom of the List View Display dialog. If the link is not there, the person is not an Administrator. When you select the option, it will ask the Administrator to select the desired Repository.