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After editing a document that was opened from NetDocuments, there are two steps to saving it back: 

  1. Save from the native application (Word, WordPerfect, Excel). Once saved, the document must be closed. 

  2. Click the green Check-In button either on the document name or in the top right of your screen. 

Saving from the Native Application 

When you open a document from within NetDocuments for editing, it is downloaded and stored as a temporary file on your PC.  That temporary file is then opened within its native application for editing.  When you are done editing, from within Word or WordPerfect, for example, you must still click on File > Save.  The changes are made to the temporary file on your PC, but the document is not yet returned to NetDocuments. 

Saving It Back into NetDocuments 

The Check In option removes the temporary file from your PC and imports it back to NetDocuments while keeping you at the document's profile and options page for further actions such as copying, emailing, etc. Other users can now open and edit the document since it has been released by you. 

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