Following a Folder


Alerts can be set for folders. When an alert is set for a folder, it means that whenever another user, who is designated in the Alert, adds a document to a folder, you will receive an email telling you that a document was added to the folder. Changes to existing documents in folders and deletions of documents from folders, do NOT send alerts.   

By default, no alerts are defined automatically for users. 

You can define more than one alert per document or folder. The alert will remain active until you delete it using this dialog.

You can set up one of two types of alerts:

1) Email – sends an email whenever an action takes place.

2) RSS – sends alerts to an RSS feed that you setup. If you want to select groups who will trigger an alert, click the Users button. It defaults to all users in the cabinet. It will also default to your email address. You can change it to another email if you require.

To Follow a Folder:

1. From a folder page or a List View page, select the Folder for which you want to enable a Follow.

2. If on a folder page, click the Follow option under Folder Options. On a list view page, click the Follow option under More Options on the right-hand details menu.

3. You will see the following dialog appear:


4. Click Add to create an alert for the respective folder. The following dialog will appear:


5. Select the users you want to follow. If users are listed individually in the access list, you will be able to select just those users. Or, you can choose to follow all users who have access to it. 

6. You have an option to choose one of two types of alerts. If you want an alert sent to your normal email AND to a cell phone, you can create two different alert rules. 

Email Alerts

Using the email option, you can send the alert in a condensed format for a cell phone or to the standard email format. 

NOTE: To set up a Follow on behalf of another user, you can create a separate Rule and then enter the email address for the user you wish to be notified. Create a new rule for each individual user. 

Alert Options

For email alerts, users can determine how they want the alerts to be triggered. 

RSS Feed Alerts

If you choose the RSS Feed option, after checking the box, the first time you use it, you will need to click the link as shown above to establish the RSS Feed. When that setup completes, you are finished. You can now go to your browser and view the feed as shown below. Using an RSS Feed provides summary alerts instead of an alert for each occurrence. Some users will prefer this accumulated summary over the standard email alerts.