ShareSpace Personal Contacts


Your ShareSpace Personal Contacts is a list that contains the names of everyone you can or have shared documents with via a ShareSpace (excluding any existing repository users). Provided for your convenience, your ShareSpace Personal Contacts list allows you to quickly select users without having to type their names each time you share a document.

Adding New Contacts

Just like the address book you have in your email, you can add and remove names in your ShareSpace Personal Contacts list at your discretion. To remove a name, simply highlight the name and click Remove Name.

To add a name to your ShareSpace Personal Contacts,

  1. Click Add.

  2. Enter the email address of the person you want to add. The document service engine will search its database for a registered user based on your entry information. 

  3. Click OK.

After you enter an email address and click OK, a search is performed across all services globally; if an account with that email address is found, the user is added to your ShareSpace Personal Contacts; otherwise, a page is displayed where you can create a new user account for them by entering the person's information. The username must be a unique username so you may want to use the person's email address.  

Adding a Contact to a ShareSpace

If you go to the Access List of a ShareSpace, your ShareSpace Personal Contacts can be viewed from the left side. The Access List of each ShareSpace contains a list of users that have access to specific documents in that ShareSpace. Only you and those who have Share rights for a specific folder can modify this list. If you have rights to change the Access List for a ShareSpace, you can select anyone from your ShareSpace Personal Contacts to include in the Access List. 

NOTE: Since stand-alone documents cannot be shared outside of a Cabinet, you cannot add people from your ShareSpace Personal Contacts list to a single document's Access List. They can only be added to the access list of a ShareSpace:


To add a name to the ShareSpace Access List,

  1. Highlight the name in the ShareSpace Personal Access list, then click Select.

  2. Once a name is in the Access List, you can set the user's access by highlighting the username and selecting an Access level.

To remove a user's name from the Access List (but keep the name in your ShareSpace Personal Contacts), highlight the name, then click Deselect. When you create a ShareSpace, only you are in the Access list initially by default. You can add anyone from your cabinet membership list or from outside of your cabinet.

When you create a stand-alone document in a cabinet, the Access List will default to those members in the cabinet, who have been given default access rights. You can adjust the Access rights as the creator of the document.

  • With your ShareSpace Personal Contacts, you typically add names individually, but you can add multiple names in bulk by clicking Copy list when a ShareSpace is shared with you. When you click Copy list, all the names in the Access List on the right are copied into your ShareSpace Personal Contacts on the left. With this option, if the ShareSpace creator has shared it with people who are not listed in your ShareSpace Personal Contacts, their names will be automatically copied over to your ShareSpace Personal Contacts.

  • When adding a user to your ShareSpace Personal Contacts, entering an email address will cause NetDocuments to search for that email address across the entire NetDocuments service.