How to Use a ShareSpace


This is a step-by-step guide for sharing documents through a ShareSpace. For a more comprehensive description of ShareSpaces, their functionality, and limitations, click here.

Creating a new ShareSpace:

There are two ways to create a new ShareSpace:

1) Create a new ShareSpace while adding documents on the fly:
a) Select the document(s) you want to share. Click on Share Externally in the Options menu.
b) Choose to create a new ShareSpace, name it, and select a filing location.
c) Choose to Move or Copy the selected documents to the new ShareSpace.
2) Add a new ShareSpace from within a workspace:
a) In a workspace, go to Workspace Options and select Add ShareSpace.
b) Choose a name for the ShareSpace. 

Adding documents to a ShareSpace:

There are two ways to add documents: 

1) From within a ShareSpace,
a) Click on Upload or New.
b) The documents will be filed directly to the ShareSpace.
2) From outside a ShareSpace (folder or workspace),
a) Select the documents you want to share and click the Share Externally option.
b) Navigate to and select an existing ShareSpace and choose to Move or Copy the documents. 

Create a ShareSpace Contact (user):

1) Go to Settings
2) Click on ShareSpace Personal Contacts
3) Click Add
4) Enter the email address of the person you want to share with
5) Choose to create a new user account (recommended)
6) Complete the contact's account information (see below) 


You will see a list of all the ShareSpace Contacts you have. You can add/create new contacts, or view or remove existing contacts. These contacts will appear under your ShareSpace Contacts list when giving others access to a ShareSpace.

Giving others access to a ShareSpace:

1.    Open the ShareSpace
2.    Click on Sharing with X external people
3.    Choose ShareSpace Personal Contacts in the drop-down menu
4.    Click the Add… button
5.    Enter the person's email address and choose OK
6.    If the person is not already a registered NetDocuments user, you will be prompted to enter a first and last name and assign a username.
7.    Click OK 

Emailing a ShareSpace link:

When you are ready to share the documents in the ShareSpace,

1) Click Email Link

2) Select the contacts you want to share with.

3) Type the message body and click Send. 


Receiving a ShareSpace

When a user receives a ShareSpace, they will see a link in an email. Clicking on the link will do one of two things:

1) If they are accessing a ShareSpace via the link for the first time, they will be prompted to create a password to login (if a password is required). Their username will be provided on this page.
2) If they have accessed this ShareSpace before, they will be taken directly to the login page where they enter their credentials to access their documents.

NOTE: If using Internet Explorer, users may want to also download and install the ActiveX add-on in order to use the full functionality of NetDocuments.