Quick Folder Profiling


For those using custom profiles in a folder environment, this feature provides a method to more easily profile a top-level folder along with the subfolders and filed documents. This is especially helpful after importing a folder structure using the Folder Import Tool. 

Two check boxes are displayed at the bottom of the All Information dialog for existing folders as follows:


When the “Apply profile to documents currently filed in this folder” checkbox is checked and the form is submitted, the profile values are saved for the folder, the Edit Profile dialog is closed and then the main window is navigated to the mass Update Profiles page. This page proceeds to update only the profiles of the documents in the top-level folder using the profile values entered.

When the “Apply profile to existing subfolders” checkbox is checked and the form is submitted, the profile values are saved for the folder and then the following dialog is displayed:


NOTE: If both boxes are checked all documents in existing subfolders will be changed to match the new Profile values.

The folder area shows the entire folder tree under the originally profiled folder, except that folders to which you do not have E rights are not shown. The profile area initially shows the profile values entered on the All Information dialog for the top-level folder in the tree. If you click Cancel, the dialog is closed. 

If you click a folder on the Quick Folder Profiling dialog, the folder name is highlighted and the profile values displayed are entered for the parent folder:


The drop-down box lists the profile attributes available. Select a profile attribute that you want to apply to the folder:


If you enter a value, then click another folder name, and then come back to this folder, the value is preserved. Multiple attributes can have values defined on a single folder. These values are all inherited by subfolders of the selected folder. So, in the example shown above, if you enter a value into the Client field and then click on the “MMM” folder, the profile area will display values for Client and Matter. 

When you click OK on the Quick Folder Profiling dialog, all the entries are validated. If any are invalid, a message is displayed informing you what was wrong and to select the corresponding folder so the invalid value is displayed.  Some types of validation may occur earlier (such as validating a date format when the focus leaves a date field). If all entries are valid, this dialog will be closed and you will be navigated to the main window and the Mass Update Profiles page. If both checkboxes were selected in the All Information dialog, the document profiles in each subfolder will be updated too.