Sign a Document


Digital Signature

A digital signature allows others to verify the identity of a signer and ensures that a document will not be changed with non-repudiation.

NetDocuments supports two types of digital signatures: 

  1. Personal Digital Certificate (only available in IE with ActiveX)

This provides a degree of legal protection in the United States under the Electronic Records and Signatures in Commerce Act. To sign a document with a digital certificate-based signature, you must obtain a digital certificate from a certificate authority such as DST or Verisign. 

  1. NetDocuments Signature

This provides a date/time stamp feature and locks the document text.  However, it does not necessarily provide legal protection. If two parties agree to use this signature, it may hold as an official certificate authority under the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act.

To digitally sign a document:

  1. Click More Options in the Document Details panel.
  2. Select Sign Document.
  3. Choose to use a personal certificate or a NetDocuments signature.
  4. Click OK.

NOTE: Users must have at least VE rights in order to Sign a document. 

NOTEWhen a document has been signed, it cannot be edited or deleted; and if the document is in a ShareSpace the ShareSpace cannot be deleted, and signers cannot be removed from the Access List.

If you want to indicate tentative approval of the document but still allow others the option of editing the document, use the Approve option.

Disable legacy "Sign a Document" feature

Administrators can now disable the legacy "Sign a Document" feature for their end-users which has been NetDocuments long-standing method of adding a NetDocuments-signed digital signature to a document. Now, as electronic signatures are widespread, the legacy digital signature function is seldom used.

To disable this feature, go to the Cabinet Administration page and then in the Other section clear the Allow NetDocuments-based "Sign a Document" feature checkbox. Select the Submit button.

With this disabled, any existing digitally signed documents will retain their signatures but users will not see the option to add these legacy digital signatures to any documents in the cabinet.