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This article contains information on various limits and other reference information. For other reference materials, see our Technical Guides section.

Items vs. Documents

NetDocuments Support often uses "Item" and "Document" interchangeably when describing file types.  NetDocuments defines a document as any file that is created by a local application such as Microsoft Word, Excel, AutoCad, WordPerfect, email, etc. Items are defined as any file type that is created by the NetDocuments service such as a Discussion, Saved Search, Folder, or ShareSpace.  These items can be edited, but only via the NetDocuments interface. For simplicity, Support often uses the term "Item" to describe all of the above. "File" is often used to describe a folder, workspace, or other container that holds client documents. However, "File" more commonly refers to an individual document that has a file extension.

Cabinet Name

A cabinet name cannot be more than 64 characters long. 

Cabinet names must include at least one character, and may not end in a space or period. They may only contain letters, digits, spaces, or the following characters: _ & - . @. They cannot contain commas or hashes (#). 

Document Delivery

Using the Secure Document Delivery option, there is a hard limit of 500 items at a time, but the practical or "soft" limit is 400 items.   

Document Name Length

NetDocuments supports document names up to 200 characters. The first 100 characters will display in list views; a hovertip will display the rest. We recommend using a custom Notes profile field to further describe documents.  Because your custom fields are searchable, this field allows for great flexibility in searching documents.

A document name cannot contain a TAB or any of these characters: \ / : * ? " < > |

Document Size Limit

Generally documents up to 1 GB can be stored in NetDocuments. Your particular location may not be able to upload documents up to that size, depending on your internet bandwidth, workstation setup, etc. You will need to determine what documents sizes work for you. If you are not able to upload larger documents, it will generally timeout before completing. When using the Folder Import Utility, EMS, or APIs the maximum limit is also 1 GB per document with the same caveats as described above.

If the web traffic involved causes the server to take too long to respond to a request, the user may see an error and the document may be saved as a new unofficial version. 

Document Versions Limit

A single document can have up to 32,000 versions. However, performance may be reduced the more versions a document has. For example, it may take longer to load the list of versions as the number of versions increases.

Email Link

No more than 18 items should be selected when using the Email Link option, whether you use the native NetDocuments email or the Desktop Email Integration.

Favorite Documents List 

There is no real limit to the number of Favorite Documents a user may have. However, because this list is the same as all the items on the user's Home Page (minus workspaces, folders, saved searches) then the most Favorite Documents a user could have, in theory, is 500 because this is the maximum number of items a user may have on their Home Page. So, if the user has 100 workspaces on their Home Page, then the most that user can have in their Favorite Documents list is 400 (assuming they don't also have any folders, filters, saved searches, or Home page sections on their Home Page).  

Favorite Workspaces (Matters) List 

The maximum amount of workspaces a user can have in their Favorite Workspaces list is 350 at any one time. A matter/workspace becomes a Favorite by clicking the gray star.

Folder Name Length

Folders can have a name with a maximum of 100 characters.

A folder name cannot contain a TAB or any of these characters: \ / : * ? " < > |

Folder Size Limit

Folders have a limit of 500 subfolders. There is no limit to the number of documents per folder. 

When a user opens a folder, items in it are loaded on an “as needed basis.” In other words, the contents of the folder will load on the page only as the user scrolls down through it. The first 70 items of a folder will be displayed immediately. Each time the user reaches the bottom of the page, an additional 50 items will be loaded.  

Home Page 

A user can have up to 500 items on their Home page (including section headings).  We recommend for performance reasons, to have a number that is quite a bit smaller than 500.  When you login, each item has to be scanned on your home page, so it creates a delay in the login time, or any time the user navigates to their Home Page.

Lock Versions 

Users can lock up to 150 documents at a time. The "lock versions" option under Group Options applies to only the official versions of the documents. 

Lookup Table Invalid Characters--Workspace Name and Descriptions

The following characters cannot be added to a lookup table entry " < >  The following characters can be added to the table but will not be displayed in the Workspace name or in the navigation pane, they will however, show if you look them up in the orange "Go to ..." button or other lightboxes  \ / : * ? |

Mass Access change 

When changing the access for multiple documents, there is a limit of 10,000.

Mass Profile change 

When updating multiple documents' profiles, there is a limit of 10,000 documents at a time.

Matter Key & Description

A lookup table key value is limited to 50 characters, although this limit may be lowered by a repository administrator. The description field can contain up to 250 characters in the lookup table.

Keep in mind that the total character count for a given client key, client description, matter key, and matter description may exceed 200, but workspace names are limited to 200 characters. 

Notes Profile Field 

There is a limit of 60,000 characters in the Notes (Comments) Field. 

Print List

Using the Print List option, there is a limit of 500 documents on the print screen, or if using the email list option, the limit is 10,000 items that match the search criteria.

Profile Templates

A user can have up to 20 profile templates. 

Profile Values

Profile attributes with more than 100 values will produce an ellipses on the profile page. Attributes with less than 100 values will show in a drop down box. If the attribute is linked to a child attribute, the child will always have an ellipses. On the advanced search page, attributes will always show in a ellipses regardless of how many values are in the table.

Recent Documents List

The Recent Documents list will show the 40 most recently accessed documents, as well as the 40 most recently opened, the 40 most recently edited, or the 40 most recently added documents. 

Recent Workspaces (Matters) List

The Recent Workspace list includes up to 40 of the most recent workspaces you have accessed.

Recent Saved Searches

The Recent Saved Searches drop-down menu on the Advanced Search page will display the 10 most recently accessed Saved Searches.

Repository Name

A repository name cannot be more than 64 characters long. 

Repository names must include at least one character, and may not end in a space or period. They may only contain letters, digits, spaces, or the following characters: _ & - . @. They cannot contain commas or hashes (#). 

Retention Policies

The limit for the number of document retention policies is 256.

Security Templates

A user can have up to 6 security templates. 

ShareSpace Size

There is no hard limit to the total size of a ShareSpace; however, there is a practical limit that is a function of 1) the number of users it is shared with and 2) the number of documents in it. As a general rule of thumb, a ShareSpace is designed for sharing a handful of documents (up to 25) with a handful of users (up to 25). 

Please be aware that superseding these allowances will affect the overall performance of the ShareSpace.


Your login session will be timed out after 90 minutes of inactivity and then you will need to log back in. 

With federated identity you can configure this timeout to be more (up to 8 hours) but unless you do this it will still be 90 minutes. To do this you would need to include the sessiontimeout claim in the SAML token. 

If the Automated Login option is enabled, the session timeout is increased to 8 hours. After 8 hours of inactivity, you will be re-logged into NetDocuments automatically.


Using the Upload button, a user can upload up to 150 files at a time. Folders cannot be imported using this method. 

User Display Name

A user's first name cannot exceed 32 characters, the middle initial must be only one character, and the last name cannot exceed 64 characters. 

Users and User Groups

A repository is limited in the number of users it can have by the number of user licenses purchased. A repository can have up to 350,000 user groups in it. An individual user can be a member of up to 800 groups at a time.   

User Group Name

User Group names can have up to 50 characters. 


A username cannot be longer than 63 characters. 

Version Description Field

The maximum number of characters allowed in the Version Description field is 250. 

Workspace Name Length 

A workspace name can be up to 200 characters in length. International characters are not supported.

Workspaces (Matters) 

There is only a practical limit to the number of documents that can be placed into auto-created Saved Searches and Filters. An individual Saved Search or filter will return up to 10,000 items, showing only the standard 500 items at a time in a list view. It is recommended that each filter be set to display no more than 6 items on the summary view.

When a workspace is first created, up to 21 auto-organizing filters will be created based on the existing documents' profiles. Additional filters will be auto-created as documents are added to the workspace. 

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