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This page offers guides for setup and system requirements, end-user reference, and administration and implementation.  

Setup and General Reference Guides

Top 10 Things to Know about the New UI - Top UI changes introduced in 17.2

User Workstation Setup – Setup guide for Basic and Professional Editions

NetDocuments Access & Security Guide - NetDocuments security (access) made simple (PDF)

NetDocuments Search Guide - A guide to ndSearch for users, administrators, and trainers (PDF)

NetDocuments Organization – An overview of the organization of NetDocuments

NetDocuments Collaboration Guide - An overview of options to share documents externally

ActiveX and ndOneClick - Functionality comparison of ndOneClick and ActiveX

EMS Profiler vs ndOffice - Comparison overview of two Outlook Add-ins

Browser Comparison Guide - An overview comparison of web browser functionality using the NetDocuments cloud

Folders vs. Filters vs. Saved Searches - A comparison of the three organizing containers within NetDocuments

NetDocuments Glossary of Terms – A list of terms and definitions in the NetDocuments Service

Quick Reference Guides

NetDocuments Quick Reference Guide (pdf)

NetDocuments Quick Reference Guide (docx)

NetDocuments Quick Reference Guide for Mac Users  (pdf)

NetDocuments Quick Reference Guide for Mac Users (docx)

ndOffice Quick Reference Guide (pdf)

ndOffice Quick Reference Guide (docx)

ndMail Quick Reference Guide – (pdf)

ndMail Quick Reference Guide – (docx)

Navigation and Getting Started (pdf)

Navigation and Getting Started (docx)

Home Page, Summary and List Views (pdf)

Home Page, Summary and List Views (docx)

Finding your Documents and E-mails (pdf)

Finding your Documents and E-mails (docx)

Advanced Searching and Filtering (pdf)

Advanced Searching and Filtering (docx)

Creating Documents and Versions (pdf)

Creating Documents and Versions (docx)

Working with Versions (pdf)

Working with Versions (docx)

Customizing to Suit Your Needs (pdf)

Customising to Suit Your Needs (docx)

ndOffice - Sending and Saving E-mail Attachments (pdf)

ndOffice - Sending and Saving E-mail Attachments (docx)

ndOffice - Filing E-mails (pdf)

ndOffice - Filing E-mails (docx)

ndOffice - Activity Centre (pdf)

ndOffice - Activity Centre (docx) 

Administrator's Guides

Implementation Best Practices - guidelines for managing an account implementation project

Repository Administrator's Guide - repository settings and functions

Cabinet Administrator's Guide - cabinet settings and functions

Administrative Reports & Logs Guide - A summary of all reports and logs available to administrators

Software Installation Guide - registry keys and command line switches for client software

ActiveX Update Guide - guide for installing and updating the ActiveX add-on for Internet Explorer

Federated Identity Implementation Guide - a guide for connecting a repository to an identity provider 

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