What to do if the NetDocuments Service is inaccessible



If NetDocuments is experiencing unscheduled Service issues

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This article provides a checklist of items to be aware of when the NetDocuments Service is unavailable due to an unscheduled problem. This is not an exhaustive list of actions and remedies, but it represents the main items that NetDocuments Support encounters.

To minimize the impact of emergency situations and to maximize user productivity during these times, we strongly encourage our customers to have emergency drills and best practices in the case that connection to NetDocuments is not available, whether through loss of Internet connection or NetDocuments Service-related incidents. These drills or best practices may include the following: 

1) Auditing of Echo policies & Internet connectivity 

2) Training users how to use their Echo folder and add new documents during emergencies

3) Develop best practices of what to do with LD Server and other document syncing utilities

4) Encourage users (particularly secretaries) to participate in drills

We recommend the following troubleshooting steps if the Service is unavailable. (For example, if you cannot connect to the login page, or have problems accessing the Service.)

First, check our Service Status page at support.netdocuments.com. This will inform you if it is a service problem we are aware of or if it is possibly affecting only certain users or customers. We strive to keep the Service Status page as accurate and up-to-date as possible. You should subscribe to the Service Status, so you will be automatically notified when an alert is sent. The Service Status notice will provide the most information we have available at the time. We will update the Service Status page as we continue to troubleshoot the issue.
If the Service Status shows that the Service is functioning normally yet you are experiencing issues, it is most likely not a NetDocuments Service-wide issue and may be a more localized issue.
In this case, try to isolate the problem with the following steps:
1.    Check your office's Internet connection by going to web sites with several computers.
2.    Can any other computers on your network connect to NetDocuments?
3.    If other computers exhibit the same problem, it is either a network issue or an issue with the user’s account.
4.    Have the person login at another computer. Also have another user login to the original person’s computer. Check Windows, the browser, Outlook, and Word versions for discrepancies.
If all of these are functioning properly and you still cannot connect to NetDocuments, submit a ticket by going to support.netdocuments.com with a description of the problem.
If the Service is down (unavailable) here are a few tips to help you stay productive until the Service is functional:
1) Create and edit documents locally. Documents may still be created locally, and saved temporarily on your local device until the Service is back up, then they can be imported.
2) Access documents in the Echo folder. If you have Echoing enabled, you can edit documents from your local Echo folder. To do this, we recommend copying the documents out of the Echo folder to edit them. They will be updated in NetDocuments as you access them after connecting to NetDocuments. The edited copy can be uploaded as a new version OR it can overwrite the existing version.
3) Talk to your IT staff about accessing documents from a Local Document Server. Your firm may have an internal server that synchronizes with NetDocuments.

Recovering documents from the Local Document Server

Most of the steps above are performed when the Service is inaccessible during a temporary time period.  Very seldom is the Service unavailable for longer periods of time.  If a document is not in your Echo Directory or you think that a document has been modified by someone else after you edited it, you may request from your Administrator a copy of the document from the Local Document Server.  Individual users do not have direct access to the Local Document Server.  The document will generally be emailed to you by the administrator, however it could also be put in another disk location where you can access it.  Remember documents that are on the Local Document Server also cease to be updated when an Internet connection is lost.

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