Deleting and Purging Documents


Deleting Items

Items in NetDocuments can be deleted if the user has Administer rights to the item. Users will be prompted to confirm the deletion before it is submitted. Deleted items will have their access lists removed and the user that deleted it will have VESA access to it. 

NOTE: If you have added a Home Page shortcut to an item that is later deleted, the shortcut will be removed also. The item will also be removed from all user's Recent Documents lists.

NOTE: Workspaces and ShareSpaces cannot be search for under Deleted Items. 

Searching for Deleted Items

A user can perform a search of deleted documents using the Advanced Search page to view or to Undelete them. Enter the search criteria and then check the "Deleted items only" field at the bottom of the Search page.


Deleted items will remain flagged as 'Deleted' until they are undeleted or purged. Your Repository Administrator may have set up a document retention policy that might purge (permanently delete) items after a certain time period. 

NOTE: If you delete an item that was previously filed in a folder, the undelete option does not refile that item in the folder. Instead, it simply restores it to the Cabinet, where it can be searched. You will need to choose to file the item(s) in a folder or workspace again, if desired.

NOTE: When a document is undeleted, no access rights are changed. The rights for that document will need to be reset manually by the person who deleted it and still has rights to the document.

Delete All Results

On the Saved Search and Search Results pages, if the user is a Cabinet Administrator for all the cabinets included in the search criteria, an option is available to "Delete all results." If this option is selected, the following dialog will be displayed:


If Cancel is clicked, the dialog will close. If OK is clicked and the entry field doesn’t contain the word "delete", it will display a message box with the text "Enter the word DELETE into the entry field, and then click OK to proceed with the mass deletion."

This action will purge the items in the search results. 

Undeleting Items

From the search results page, you can select any number of deleted items and click Undelete from the More Options or Group Options menu. A user has the option to restore the items to the Cabinet (unfiled) or choose to file the items in a specific folder.   

Purging Items

Deleted items can be permanently deleted (purged) from NetDocuments. These items cannot be recovered once purged.

NOTE: A Cabinet Administrator can 1) allow any user to permanently delete items or 2) allow only Cabinet Administrators to permanently delete items. We recommend that this flag be set so only Cabinet Administrators can permanently delete documents.

To permanently remove items (documents) from the Cabinet:

  1. Use the Advanced Search to locate the deleted items by checking the Deleted Items box and adding any other selection criteria you choose.
  2. Select the items to be permanently removed.
  3. From the More Options menu, click Delete
  4. Choose OK to confirm.

Once an item is permanently deleted from the Cabinet, it is not retrievable from anywhere.