My Cabinet


Purpose of My Cabinet

Every NetDocuments user has a personal container named My Cabinet. My Cabinet is accessible only to that user and can be used to receive ShareSpaces, email messages, or to store personal or private documents. The user is the sole Administrator of My Cabinet, and no other user can access documents stored in My Cabinet.

Understanding the Features of My Cabinet:

  • All NetDocuments users are provided with a pre-defined 3 megabytes (MB) of storage in My Cabinet. This storage limit cannot be increased. A user desiring more personal storage space must purchase a Professional Edition Repository/Cabinet. Go to the web site to purchase a Cabinet or learn more.

  • NOTE: If you exceed the 3MB limit, you will be notified that your user account will be suspended. You will have seven (7) days to remove the excess items in My Cabinet. If you do not remove the items before the 7 days is over, your account will be locked, and you will need to contact NetDocuments Support to unlock your account. To locate documents in your My Cabinet you can go to the Advanced Search page and select My Cabinet in the field for Cabinet(s).  Documents that are in the Deleted Items will still count toward the 3MB limit so they would need to be permanently deleted or moved to another cabinet.  

  • Documents must be filed into a folder in My Cabinet. They cannot be just put into the cabinet. My Cabinet has a pre-defined folder called My Inbox. ShareSpaces sent to this user are stored in their My Inbox.

  • ShareSpaces and their contents do NOT count toward the pre-defined 3 MB of storage space. This is because the storage used by a ShareSpace is accounted for from within the Cabinet where the ShareSpace was created. Items that DO count towards the storage limit include extra folders and documents in My Inbox or in My Cabinet, including deleted items.

  • A ShareSpace cannot be created from within My Cabinet. ShareSpaces are created within paid Repository/Cabinets and shared with people who will see the ShareSpace in the My Inbox folder of My Cabinet.

  • My Cabinet does not support custom profile fields.

  • Full-text searching is not supported in My Cabinet. Only the following fields are searchable: Name, Created By, Created Date, Modified By, Last Modified Date, File Extension, Doc ID

  • My Cabinet is available to you as long as you actively maintain your account. If you are added to a company's Repository and/or Cabinet, and later leave the company, you will no longer have access to the company documents, but you will still have access to My Cabinet and its contents.