2012-R1 Update Tips



The following are previous Update Tips from our 2012-R1 Release.  


Compatibility View – Are you seeing a strange login page?

Are you in IE7? IE7 is no longer supported. This will cause you to go to our mobile interface. You can upgrade to IE8 or IE9.

You can verify what your browser thinks it is by going to:


In the text you see there will be a MSIE7 or MSIE8 and such. If it says MSIE7 then your browser thinks it is still an IE7 browser. Generally this means that you have Compatibilty Mode enabled. You will see a small document icon that is split in half. If it is dark blue, then click it to take you out of compatibility mode. Close and re-open the browser. If that does not change it, then your IT staff will need to see if they can adjust your profile.


Do you have embedded links in Word documents?

If you have embedded links in Office documents to anything in NetDocuments, when you click them you will be redirected to IE7 compatibility mode and go to our ND2 (mobile) interface. This is an Office functionality. See the solution below. Before you install the fix, you can copy paste any links that you need to use into the browser. 

Here is the workaround from Microsoft: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/218153 and here is the Microsoft knowledgebase article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/899927 that discusses the issue. We have seen no major issues with using it; however, we recommend you check with your administrator prior to attempting this. 

Why am I being prompted to install an add-on?

This is an ActiveX add-on for IE. Users will still be prompted to install it.  If you have been using IE with the ActiveX, you will want to continue to use that for general operations to have the enhanced functionality in IE for some features in NetDocuments, particularly related to the automation of document editing.  When you are out of the office and you need to use another browser, that will be fine.  You just need to realize that NetDocuments operates a little differently because the ActiveX functions are not available.

Why can't I view PDF files in Chrome?

Chrome's PDF plug-in does not allow PDFs to work in our Viewer. In Chrome, go to Chrome://plugins and disable it in order to view PDF files. This is a Chrome bug that may be fixed in the future.


Where is the Send as a PDF option?

A small set of customers had a feature enabled to send emails as PDF files. If you are one of those customers, that option was part of the Viewer technology that was replaced with a new much faster and reliable viewer, which is why it was labeled as a "beta" feature. We are looking for an alternative to provide that capability in a future update as soon as we can. We had many complaints and issues with the old viewer and we needed to change it as quickly as we could which included that option for a small set of customers.

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