2012-R2 Update Tips



The following are previous Update Tips from our 2012-R2 Release.  


This is your FAQ guide to NetDocuments' latest Release on October 25, 2012. 

Do I need to upgrade to a newer version of the Application Integrations, EMS Folders or EMS Profiler, or the ActiveX?

No. Upgrades to client-side software are NOT required for this Release. Some changes have been made to the Office Integrations and EMS Profiler, but these programs can be upgraded at any future date. 


I can't find the Define Workspace Templates link on the Cabinet Admin page. Where is it?

The link has been moved to the top of the Cabinet Admin page, as shown below.




Can I add a new version of a document if it has a different file extension?

Yes. NetDocuments now allows different versions of a document to have different file extensions. For example, if Version 1 is a .xls file, you could add Version 2 as a .docx file and Version 3 as a .pdf file. 


I need to restore a document to a prior date. How do I do that?

Your NetDocuments Cabinet Administrator has the ability to restore or 'Rollback' a document. Learn more


Can I set a default sort for the contents of a folder?

Yes. Users can now default the sort order of a folder's contents by Modified date, Modified by, or Doc ID as well as by any custom profile attributes. This feature can be defaulted per-folder (but not per-user) by going to Folder Options>Default sort order. The default sort can also be set for all folders in a cabinet by a Cabinet Administrator, but this will only apply the default to new folders and not existing ones. 


Can an Administrator block my use of the NetDocuments iPad/iPhone app?

Yes. Your Repository Administrator can block use of the app for all users if needed. This is to prevent users from logging in outside of the office. 


Can I scan documents directly into NetDocuments?

Yes. We have a Desktop Scanner Connector that works with any TWAIN compliant scanner. 


How do I know which emails I have archived using EMS Profiler?

Emails filed to NetDocuments using EMS Profiler will be logged in a CSV file located in My Documents called ndEmsPrLog.csv. Each time EMS Profiler uploads a message it will append a line to this CSV file. Each line in the log will contain the message subject, the ND docID, and the date it was filed. 

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