13.2 Update Tips



The following are previous Update Tips from our 13.2 Release.  


User Interface related changes

New Button - The New button at the top left now creates a blank document with one click and a drop-down menu is provided for the additional options. This change saves you a step when creating a new document in NetDocuments.


Email Search - The Search ribbon now includes an icon for quicker access to email search using From, To, and Email date:


My Email - The Search ribbon also includes a built-in Saved Search for All My Email, Received Emails, and Sent Emails: 


Advanced Search - The Advanced Search is now accessed by an icon on the Search ribbon:


Instructional Tips - New instructional tips are now included for the Search ribbon to explain the new search ribbon changes. These tips are also available by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the Help link.


Expanded Search - All Search Results lists can show up to 10,000 items in groups of 500 to optimize the display time. To see items beyond the first 500, click the Expand option.


The following menu is also where you will see the Count of the total number of search results that are returned, as well as sorting options:


You can see 500 at a time and can jump down the list by using the adjustment bar:


Move/Copy - When using the Move/Copy option, you can now copy more than one document at a time and apply various options for filing and profiling.

The Move/Copy dialog provides an option to more File a document into multiple folders if the cabinet is configured to use it. To use this option, do NOT Force Filing in the Cabinet and have users set the advanced filing flag in Settings > Applications Settings.



EMS Profiler - The EMS Profiler add-in for Outlook allows the Name (Subject) of the email to be changed before sending it to NetDocuments. To enable this feature, in the Cabinet Administration page, select "ND Subject" as a field under the EMS Profiler settings prior to using:



Highlighted changes

  • Profile values that are marked as closed now display in lookup tables when searching.
  • Office 2013, Outlook, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are now supported with the newest NetDocuments Application Integrations.
  • The Document Delivery feature now creates a record in the Consolidated Activity log whenever you deliver a document through the interface.
  • The iOS (iPad and iPhone) app now supports RSA.


  • Application Integrations – version 2.1.9 - Added support for Office 2013 If you are using Office 2013 you should update this software. Also if you are using Word 2003, you should Update this software. We always recommend that you use the latest software, but no other changes were made to client software.
  • EMS Profiler - version 1.7.7 - Added ND Subject field. Includes various bugs fixes.
  • EMS Folders - version 3.1.9 - No change.
  • Adobe Integrations – version 2.1 - Supports Acrobat and Reader through version 11. (available in Help, Downloads) The Update provided in the Help Download section fixes some bugs and provides a better install program. If you are using the Adobe integrations, we recommend that you install this new update.

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