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The 13.2 Update Beta begins tomorrow, April 11, 2013.  

We invite anyone to use it who can spend time reviewing it and submitting any issues.  We expect to release it on April 25, 2013 assuming that the beta testing goes well.

We thoroughly test every aspect of NetDocuments before each Update however, there could be a specific configuration of our product that is unique to your organization that we have not been able to test.  Therefore, we ask that you take some time to review any special programs or settings that you use with NetDocuments to ensure it is working OK for you before it is released. Please refer to the Update notes which are included below.

If you participate in the Beta testing, please work with your NetDocuments Administrator and follow the information below. This Beta process is used each time we provide a new Update. When a new Update is getting close to being released, customers have an opportunity to access the Beta for a selected small set of users in their organization for a time period prior to the release of the Update. The Beta period provides feedback to us on potential problems or bugs and provides you an opportunity to see it work in your environment and to get familiar with any changes included in the Update. Typically, the Update will be released within a limited period of time after the start of the Beta period.

Please make sure you do a Control F5 on your browser to ensure any old cookies are removed as you begin to use the beta.

To report bugs or items for the Beta, please send them to beta@netdocuments.com. If you have other questions as you look at the Beta, please go to support.netdocuments.com and create a ticket.



If you are using vault.netvoyage.com in the US datacenter, set your Hosts file (located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) to include this line: vault.netvoyage.com        #scottsdale beta pool


The EU Beta is ready to use now.  We expect to release 13.2 in the EU datacenter at the same time as the US.

For those using the EU Beta and are using eu.netdocuments.com in the EU datacenter, set your Hosts file (located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) to include this line: eu.netdocuments.com     #UK Beta

Remember you must remove the Beta host information when 13.2 is released or you will not be able to login.

We recommend that you include as many testers as you feel you can manage. These should be individuals who use the product each day and are the type that would recognize a defect in the product if they encountered it and that would actively review some of the new features and report bugs when they are discovered.

We appreciate your willingness to participate in the beta testing process. NetDocuments reserves the right to modify the process at any time and to determine who may participate.

13.2 Update Notes

User Interface related changes

  • The New button at the top left now creates a blank document with one click and a dropdown menu is provided for the additional options. This change allows you to avoid a step when creating a new document in NetDocuments.
  • The Search ribbon now includes your recent emails list and an icon for quicker access to email search using From, To, and Email date. Access to the Advanced Search is now accessed with an icon on the Search ribbon instead of a text prompt.
  • New instructional tips are now included for the Search ribbon to explain the new search ribbon changes. These tips are available by clicking the down arrow next to the Help link.
  • All Search Results lists now show up to 10,000 items in groups of 500 to optimize the display time. To see items beyond the first 500, click the Expand option.  You can see 500 at a time and can jump down the list by using the adjustment bar.
  • Using the Move/Copy, you can now copy more than one document at a time and apply various options for filing and profiling.
  • The Move/Copy dialog provides an option to more easily file a document into multiple folders if the cabinet is configured to use it. To use this option, do NOT Force Filing in the Cabinet and have users set the advanced filing flag in Settings, Applications Settings.
  • Touch is now supported in NetDocuments on Windows 8 touch-enabled devices using IE10.
  • Dragging and dropping documents from Windows 7 or Windows 8 into NetDocuments folders and filters can be used now with IE10. To use this feature, drag the documents you are copying to the header of the folder or the filter and drop them in the drop zone displayed.
  • EMS Profiler allows the Name (Subject) of the email to be changed before sending it to NetDocuments. To enable this feature, in the cabinet administration page, select the NDSubject as a field under the EMS Profiler settings prior to using.
  • The Send to Application option when using Workshare has been streamlined to simplify its usage.  Click Settings next to the Workshare option. If you choose under the Workshare Settings on the Send to Applications dialog, you can simplify the process with different options.
  • Document extensions are now shown on the document details panel for each version.

Highlighted changes

  • Improved performance when displaying workspaces.
  • Improved performance when displaying folders in EMS Folders.
  • Icons for items have been modified for improved clarity.
  • Profile values that are marked as closed now display in lookup tables when searching.
  • Office 2013, Outlook, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are now supported with the newest NetDocuments Application Integrations.
  • The Deliver feature now creates a record in the Consolidated Activity log whenever you deliver a document through the interface.
  • The REST API is now available to simplify the creation of 3rd-party Integrations with NetDocuments. This API provides a newer and more robust way to integrate programs with NetDocuments. If you're interested in developing an application with this API, please contact us. We will be releasing a Marketplace soon to manage the apps which make use of the REST API. 
  • The iOS (iPad and iPhone) app now supports RSA.


  • Active X – no change No new install of the Active X is required for IE, unless it is a new computer that does not have the Active X installed.
  • Application Integrations – version 2.1.9 - Added support for Office 2013 If you are using Office 2013 you should update this software.  Also if you are using Word 2003, you should Update this software.  We always recommend that you use the latest software, but no other changes were made to client software.
  • EMS Profiler – version 1.7.7 - You can now change the email ND Name (Subject) in NetDocuments We recommend that you install this Update if you are using this add-on.
  • EMS Folders - version 3.1.9 - Increased the display performance for Recent and Favorite workspaces We recommend that you install this Update if you are using this add-on.
  • Adobe Integrations – version 2.1 - Supports Acrobat and Reader through version 11. (available in Help, Downloads) The Update provided in the Help Download section fixes some bugs and provides a better install program. If you are using the Adobe integrations, we recommend that you install this new update.

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