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As was reported late last week, we began using the new search engine for the metadata searching as of Thursday evening.

All documents are now indexed using the new search engine for the metadata as well as any new documents being added.

It has been working very well, with one adjustment this morning that impacted some users for a few minutes.  It was part of our getting acquainted with the new behavior of the service and is now working correctly and will not recur.

Searches for metadata are generally taking under a minute, even though we publicly suggest it will be under 3 minutes.  The metadata for all documents coming into the system are now being indexed within these time frames also.

We want to make sure that you understand that this relates to the metadata for documents.  So if you add a document that belongs to a workspace, it will now be visible and available in that workspace within the time frame described above.  If you do any searching with any of the metadata, documents will be available within that time frame.

The best way to ensure that you are using the new searching is to use the Advanced Search page and enter values in any of the fields other than the All attributes field.  If you use the simple search bar or the all attributes field on the Advanced Search page, it will utilize the full-text search engine (not the new search engine).  That search engine (for full-text) is generally indexing within about 20-30 minutes, but in some cases, it may take longer.  Once the full-text of the document has been completed, it doesn't matter which search engine is used or how you perform your searching.

We wanted to provide this information because there has been some misunderstanding as to when items are being indexed.  We plan to make the same indexing changes for the full-text searching that we’ve done for the metadata and we expect it to be available later in the year.

Thank you.


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