Recent Update - 13.1 was released January 10, 2013. See below for more information.



The new 13.1 NetDocuments Update has now been released.


You may need to do a Control F5 on your comnputer to clear old cache if you have not rebooted recently to properly view all changes for 13.1.

Be aware of the change in how the View in Browser option works.  When you click View in Browser, you will now go to the Inline viewer mode which replaces the List View with the View of the document.  To go back to the list view, you can click the Back button next to the Home button at the top left of the page.  If you want to use the previous method which maintains the List View, you can hold down the Control key, then click the View in Browser option. This will open the Document View in a new browser window as it did previously.  Your List View is still available under the new Document browser page which is always positioned to the right side of your monitor.  You can also select subsequent documents by holding down the Control key then clicking View in Browser. If you are selecting multiple documents to view, this would generally be the preferred method.

This Update applies to the US and the EU datacenters. We have changed the nomenclature used for updates slightly. Starting with this Update we will refer to updates with a number made up of the year combined with the Update number for that year. Since this is the first update of 2013, it will be referred to as 13.1 and the next update will be 13.2, etc..

If you do NOT want to make the new Delivery function available for your organization, the Cabinet Administrator will need to disable it in the Cabinet Administration page.  See more information below.

This Update will NOT require an update of the ActiveX control. No changes need to be made at user workstations related to the ActiveX control. If a user does not have the ActiveX control on their computer, they will be prompted as normal to install it.

We have determined NOT to include the new search engine with this Update.  We have found an issue with it that we are still investigating.  The Search Engine will be made available at a later date, yet to be determined.  It will be provided independently of a regular Update.  This change does not change anything else related to the 13.1 Update other than the capability to provide exact matches when searching similar profile numbers such as client and matter fields.  That capability will be provided when the new search engine is made available because it relies on the new search engine.

No other changes were made to this Update notice from previous notices except as described in the above paragraph.

With this Update, a few changes to the other client software have been made as shown below. Please read below the description of the changes made for each client component.  You can update this client software, if you choose, at the time of the Update or at any time after the Update is released.
New items added since the previous posting of this list. 

Key changes in the 13.1 Update are listed below.

  • Office Integrations – The Outlook Integration has changed to include consistent email address extraction.  This means that when using the Outlook integrations or one of the EMS tools, if you search by email address, you will always be able to locate the email based on that email address.  This applies to all emails added to NetDocuments following this update. The Word Integration now includes an option to allow the insertion of the Doc ID into the footer of every page.  We recommend that you update this client software if you are using it.

  • EMS Profiler – an issue was fixed that related to an error message when clicking on an Outlook folder if you are using the ND column.  A change was made also to include consistent email address extraction.  This means that when using the integrations or one of the EMS tools, if you search by email address, you will always be able to locate the email based on that email address.  This applies to all emails added to NetDocuments following this update.  We recommend that you update this client software if you are using it.

  • If you have Outlook 2010 and you receive an MSG file as an attachment, that MSG will open in Read-Only mode and if you try to archive it using EMS Profiler (with EMS set to keep a copy in Outlook) you now get a message that says: “Your email message was successfully filed in NetDocuments. Because it is a read-only message, it will not display a “Yes” in the ND column in Outlook.”

  • EMS Folders – you can now create a new Favorite workspace folder from the within Outlook.  A change was made also to include consistent email address extraction. This means that when using the integrations or one of the EMS tools, if you search by email address, you will always be able to locate the email based on that email address.  This applies to all emails added to NetDocuments following this update.  EMS Folders now truncates names to 200 characters instead of 100 characters. We recommend that you update this client software if you are using it.

  • EMS Folders - when a folder's or cabinet's access is modified so the user no longer has access (or they are deleted) the user's EMS Folders displays a message which is somewhat meaningless.  We no longer display the message.

  • At the bottom of the ND2 interface, add the link "Mobile|Desktop" with Desktop being underlined.  Selecting Desktop show a new window with the non-ND2 style interface (full Interface).  The ND2 interface is supported on tablets, but the full interface is being made available on an As-Is basis.  This is primarily for Android, Safari, and other non-IE browsers.

  • EMS Folders now truncates names to 200 characters instead of 100 characters.

  • When a folder's or cabinet's access is modified such that the user no longer has access (or they are deleted), the user's EMS Folders displays a message which is somewhat cryptic that has been removed. 

  • We now allow searching by both parent and child attribute values on the Edit Lookup table page.

  • Workspaces along with their containers such as folders are now available in the WebDav environment.

  • The Secure Document Delivery feature is now available. It provides a method to deliver a document link to anyone without a NetDocuments username/password.  It can also include an expiration date and specific document password as an option.  There is a flag in the Cabinet Administration page to allow or not allow this feature for a given cabinet.  THE DELIVERY FEATURE IS ENABLED BY DEFAULT.  IF YOU DO NOT WANT THE FEATURE ENABLED, AS THE ADMINISTRATOR, YOU MUST DISABLE IT IN THE CABINET ADMINISTRATION PAGE.

  • In the Secure Document Delivery feature there is a default expiration date of 30 days.  If the user deletes the value in the “Link expiration date” field, then no expiration date will be applied.  When the “Security options” section is collapsed it show the default expiration date as follows - Security options   (Expires 10/5/2012).  Also have the new disappear when the user clicks “Security options” and put the expiration date, if any, in the history.

  • Referring to the new Delivery feature above, you can now lock the version that is sent via the Delivery feature.

  • If a document in a delivery link is in deleted items or is purged, users will see this message when the link is used: “This document is no longer available. Contact the sender of the document for more information.”

  • When going from a simple search to an advanced search, the search criteria is maintained where possible and the portion of the search syntax which cannot be parsed is discarded.

  • When selecting the View in Browser option, the view window is now positioned smaller and to the right to maintain the view of the list of items. You can now click down through the items in the list to view the document while the view window is opened.

  • The Doc size can now be retrieved using the APIs.

  • A default sort order can now be set for workspace list views.

  • Updating of email properties for existing email messages can now be done via the SOAP API.

  • Naming Convention for ndimort.exe files now uses the import file as the name of the output files and changes the log file naming to zero-fill the 2-digit numeric portions.

  • When deleting a protected cabinet the dialog box will change to be a lightbox and the text will read “This cabinet is protected and cannot be deleted. Would you like to send a request to NetDocuments Support to remove this cabinet's protection to enable an administrator to delete the cabinet?” A “Send” button and a Help link will be included at the end of the sentence that says, “Learn more.” that directs to

  • Print List is now enabled in the Sharespace list view options.

  • When you’re in the in-line viewer in a non-ActiveX browser, and you click an attachment link, it now downloads the email to the desktop to view the attachments.

  • With an ActiveX browser the current in line viewer will be used for group selections.

  • In the history lightbox refine the arrow will be refined and  the small space in the History dialog will be removed.

  • The order of the columns  in the edit lookup page is now Key, Description, Type, Closed, Access, Hold

  • If there is one cabinet in a particular repository and the user clicks that repository in the cabinet selector, it will behave as if the user had clicked directly on that one cabinet and will display that cabinet’s contents in the navigation pane.

  • The password reset request now includes this text: "A password reset has been requested for your [Host service name goes here] account. This request originated from IP address [insert IP address].  If you initiated this request, visit [URL goes here] to reset your password, otherwise please report this incident to your administrator"

  • The Review function will open its own window in IE9 for better browser consistency.

  • The focus will change to the document name in the details pane, and not the name in the list.

  • When the user views a document in the in-line viewer, the button at the top of the page says: “Download & Check out”. When the users does not have E rights the button will say "Download".

  • When using the Integration with a Save As > “Save as a new document”, if the user files into a folder, the user will be taken to that folder after the import.

  • The profile template radio buttons (if applicable) will be put on the addDoc.aspx page in the interactive API. Also the button called “Edit Profile/Tags” will be added as on the regular UI import doc page. Lastly, the checkbox to “Print profile cover sheet” will be added the same as it is on the New > Paper Document page.

  • Any automatic navPane scrolling will be animated.

  • The small black triangle is now removed if the navigation pane is expanded. If the navigation pane is collapsed, the triangle (pointing to the right) is left as-is.

  • Only the list portion of a list view is expanded, not the details pane, when the navigation pane is collapsed.

  • If a document is profiled to a workspace that is not yet created, going to Locations in the details panel will not implicitly create the workspace.

  • “Add top-level folder” will be added on the navigation pane at the bottom of the folder list. This will not appear for non-admins if the cabinet setting is checked for “only admins can create top-level folders.”

  • A text tip will be displayed when the items in the Folder Options are disabled because an item is selected. The tip text says “[Folder | Saved Search | etc] Options are disabled because an item in the list is selected.”

  • A checkbox and “descending” will be added to the right of the drop-down list (consistent with saved search default sort).  This appears in a folder Sort Order change dialog and in the Cabinet Admin page when setting a folder sort order.   When a date is selected, the checkbox is checked, otherwise it stay as unchecked unless specified by the user.

  • The behavior of Type Defaulting will change with lookup table dropdown boxes on both edit profile page and the details pane.

  • The changes to the order of the attributes will save when navigating away from the Define Profile Attributes page.

  • The version number from the delivered document email will be removed.

  • The document extension is now included in the version details pane, after the version creation date but before the version description.

  • The individual names in the User Group Information are now clickable so the user can get to the User Information dialog.  

  • The right-click menu is now enabled and the document options on the list view as well as the document options button summary view while in document selection mode.

  • If you select multiple items, then highlight a third, then click the selected items, the groups options will be retained thus acting like ActiveX browsers.

  • When using the simple search field from a workspace page, the search results now displays “Both” documents and emails.

  • On any list view that contains just .msg items the Sort by: “Last modified” now says “Email Date” instead.

  • No matter how the sort order is defined on a list view page, the folders are all grouped at the top and sorted (amongst themselves) in whatever order is defined. Then, below the folders, all of the other items are sorted based on the sort order.

  • On the workspace options dropdown, the name of the Reorganize button will change to read "Reset Workspace".

  • When the user changes Definable folder sort field, a note will display below the drop-down list that says: “This change will only be applied to newly created folders.”

  • When copying a document via the move/copy lightbox, the Edit Profile page will not show if there are no attributes defined. Show Edit Profile page if there are attributes defined, whether required or not.

  • Regarding PDF streaming:

1. The PDF streaming section will be hidden entirely if there is no ActiveX present

2. The title of the PDF streaming section will change to be “PDF Viewing”

3. The text next to the checkbox will change to be “View all PDF’s in a browser window instead of checking them out in a separate application.”

  • When a document is archived, the following on the versions dialog will be grayed; "Add Version", "Lock", "Delete", "Import New Version", "Auto-Version".

  • The Shift + up or down arrow keys are enabled. If a row is already highlighted and the user uses the Shift + down arrow, then both rows will be checked, the one originally highlighted and the next one down the list. This also applies if the original row is already checked.

  • In the Salesforce integration &smallDisplay=Y" will display the check-in button, but &smallDisplay=R” will not.

  • The file size in the Print List will be added when outputting it in CSV format.

  • When copying a document, a check box will be added to open the copy after copying it. After the copy button is pressed, the document name will appear. This checkbox is directly under the document name input field, left aligned as follows:  “Open the new document”.

  • Another option will be added within the template to allow insertion of the Doc ID into the footer of every page of the document including the first page. ( 13.2.0, oi2007 2.1.4)

  • On any list view, when any item is checked, the list view’s options (e.g. search, folder, etc) button will be disabled or grayed out.

  • The security template dropdown on the edit profile page will be changed to do the following:

1. The template will be immediately applied to the item.

2. An ndNotification will show with the text, “Security template <template name> has been applied. (view Access List)”, where ‘view Access List’ is a link to the “<container> Access List.” This ndNotifcation will not disappear until (and if) the user selected another security template, in which case an ndNotification for that new template will appear.

3. If the user clicks on the access list link, the ndNotification will disappear, and then go to the “<container> Access List”.

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