Beta Announcement - 13.1 Update available December 19, 2012



The public Beta for Update 13.1 will be available tomorrow, December 19, 2012.

We thoroughly test every aspect of NetDocuments before each Update however, there could be a specific configuration of our product that is unique to your firm that we have overlooked.  Therefore, we ask that you take some time to switch a few of your users to use the beta in order to avoid anything that would be unexpected for them when the 13.1 release is released for all users worldwide.

Please be aware that there are some items which are still being fixed during the beta.  Please report any issue that you encounter.

Also, this Update has the new Secure Delivery function.  This allows a user to deliver a link to a non-NetDocuments user as a secure link from which they can download the document.  IF YOU ARE AN ADMIN AND YOU DO NOT WANT TO PROVIDE THIS FEATURE, YOU WILL NEED TO DISABLE IT AT THE CABINET LEVEL FOR ALL USERS.

Also while you are on the beta, you cannot send links to someone who is on the current version of the software.  The recipient also has to be on the beta to activate the link.

We have also implemented some changes in the searching and in some cases you will now see these symbols {}.  They will not impact your searching.  New and reorganized workspaces now get the exact search {} braces in them as well as new meta data searches with {} in them.  These will not interfere with current usage.  This syntax provides a more precise searching when searching table values. 

DON'T FORGET to do a CTRL-F5 when first switching to beta (clears cache).

The beta will continue until the new Update is released which is currently scheduled for January 10, 2012.

For anyone participating in the beta, please work with your NetDocuments Administrator and follow the information below.

This beta process is used each time we provide a new Update. When a new Update is getting close to being released, customers have an opportunity to access the beta for a selected small set of users in their organization for a time period prior to the release of the Update. The Beta provides us feedback on potential bugs and provides you an opportunity to see it work in your environment and to get familiar with any changes included in the Update. Typically, the Update will be released within a week or two after the start of the beta period.

Also, when you are on the beta, you will be on Server USPRWEB02 or USPRWEB03 if you are in the US and Server UK-PRWEB10 if you are in the EU. That number shows at the bottom right of the page.


Please refer to the Update notice at this same web site for more information on the changes made in this Update.

To report bugs or items for the beta, please send them to If you have other questions as you look at the beta, please go to and send a request.


If you are using in the US datacenter, set your host file to include this line: #scottsdale beta pool


For those testing the EU beta and are using in the EU datacenter, set your host file to include this line: #UK Beta

Remember you must remove the beta host information after the release of the 13.1 Update or you will not be able to login once it is released.

We recommend that you include as many beta testers as you feel you can manage. These should be individuals who use the product each day and are the type that would recognize a defect in the product if they encountered it and that would actively review some of the new features and report bugs when they are discovered.

We appreciate your willingness to participate in the beta testing process. NetDocuments reserves the right to modify the process at any time and to determine who may participate.

For more information on the changes in this Update, see the 13.1 Update notice in this announcement section.

Thank you for participating in the beta process.

The NetDocuments Team

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