13.4 Beta Information - starts September 19, 2013 - US and EU datacenters



The 13.4 Update Beta testing period begins September 19, 2013. This applies to the US and EU datacenters.

We invite any customer that desires to review the 13.4 Beta.  We expect to release the 13.4 Update to the public on October 3, 2013.

We thoroughly test every aspect of NetDocuments before each Update. We suggest you test any specific configurations your organization may be using to verify they are OK before it is released.

A 13.4 Update Tips document with more detail will be available in the Announcements section of the Support site prior to the start of the beta..  Please refer to it for more information on the changes.

Also, we suggest that you do a final install of any of the client software no earlier than a week prior to the Update to ensure that you are using the latest version if changes are made during the beta period testing.  Version numbers are available in the Update Release document in the Announcements section and any version changes prior to the release will be noted in that document prior to the Update.

With the 13.4 Update and this beta, an Active X update is required. If you are an Administrator, you will be able to push the Active X to users at your organization prior to the Update if desired.  If it is not pushed prior to the release, users will be prompted to install it when they access it via the browser.  They will need appropriate Windows rights to install it.

If you participate in the Beta testing, please work with your NetDocuments Administrator and use the information below. The Beta period allows you to give us feedback and gives you an opportunity to use it in your environment and get familiar with the changes.

Please make sure you do a Control F5 on your browser to remove any old cookies and cache as you begin to use the beta.

To report bugs related to the Beta, send them to beta@netdocuments.com. If you have other questions as you look at the Beta, please go to support.netdocuments.com and create a ticket.



U.S. Datacenter - If you use vault.netvoyage.com in the US datacenter, set your Hosts file (located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) to include this line: vault.netvoyage.com        #scottsdale beta pool

E.U. Datacenter - If you use eu.netdocuments.com in the EU datacenter, set your Hosts file (located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) to include this line: eu.netdocuments.com     #UK Beta


Remember you must remove the Beta host information AFTER 13.4 is released to be able to login to the service after the beta servers are removed.

We recommend that you include as many testers as you feel you can manage. These should be individuals who use the product each day and who would recognize a defect in the product if they encountered it.  They should actively review the new features and report bugs they discover.
We appreciate your willingness to participate in the beta testing process. NetDocuments reserves the right to modify the process at any time and to determine who may participate.


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