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The following are previous Update Tips from our 13.4 Release.  


This article provides additional details related to the 13.4 Update, released October 3, 2013. 


13.4 Release Notes 

  • Users can add a NetDocuments folder from within Outlook using EMS Folders. This can be a folder under a workspace or any other cabinet folder.


  • Users are no longer able to designate another version as the official version after digitally signing it.
  • When a document is on Hold and a user chooses to copy it as a new version, the new version now becomes the official version by default, and a checkbox has been added to allow the user to uncheck it if the user doesn't want the new version to be the official version.
  • In EMS Folders, a right click on Favorite and Recent Workspaces will allow users to add a new workspace. You can also right click on a workspace and perform workspace functions (View or Add a Folder) for Outlook 2010 and 2013. These options are still available under the EMS Folders tab in Outlook (as shown above). 


  • We now support keyboard commands (tab key) to access document options.
  • For Cabinet Administrators, we now default Workspaces to have a 2 column view without the need to add pre-defined filters when setting up Workspace templates.

Highlighted changes

  • The Help link is now a dropdown menu when on the Home page that includes links that go directly to our Help site, Knowledgebase articles, and other support resources. Please use that link to access the Support Request system with support resources available to all users - including the Knowledgebase - for quick answers. NetDocuments Support engineers constantly create and update these articles to provide timely solutions. Regularly utilizing the Knowledgebase will provide quick solutions for most issues. Enter a topic keyword and search. Try these resources prior to contacting Support. 


  • On the Home page, we now provide a hover tip on filters showing the parent workspace name.
  • Internet Explorer version 11 is now supported in the Windows 8.1 environment, except when using Auto-Login. Support for that feature will be added in the 14.1 update (January 2014 timeframe).
  • The ND2 (mobile) browser interface login page has been redesigned.
  • We now support Windows Live Tiles with Windows 8.1 by showing the number of documents updated on a small tile and a few of the most recent documents on the larger tile format.
  • Cabinet Administrators can now select applications from the ND Marketplace to integrate with their NetDocuments cabinet. These applications will show up under the Send to Application document option.


  • A Cabinet Administration setting now exists to enable and disable integrations with 3rd party syncing tools such as Skydrive and Dropbox when using the NetDocuments ndConnect software. 
  • Various improvements to the REST API are now available with this release. If you're developing using the REST API, please make sure you have the latest documentation here: https://netdocuments.zendesk.com/entries/22504626-API-Documentation


The Active X plug-in can be installed prior to the Update if you choose, but we ask that you NOT install it any earlier than a week prior to the Update to ensure that you are installing the latest version unless you're beta testing. If it is not installed before the Update occurs, users will be prompted to install it via the browser when they first access the new Update. Users will need Windows local machine administrator rights to the computer to install the Active X themselves.

All other client software can be installed at any time with the Update or following the Update to ensure that the most recent version is installed.  We highly recommend that you always install the latest versions of the client-side software so that you have the most up-to-date and bug-free software. 

  • Active X – Programs and features version is 1.9.6. This needs to be installed for all users using NetDocuments in Internet Explorer and/or with our integrations. The install file name is neWebcl.msi. The version for the DLL is
  • Office Application Integrations – version 2.2.3 -  We recommend that you install this Update if you are using this add-on. Also, if you have experienced any issues with this add-on in the past, we recommend you install the newest version.
  • EMS Profiler – version 1.8.5 - We recommend that you install this Update if you are using this add-on. Also, if you have experienced any issues with this add-on in the past, we recommend you install the newest version.
  • EMS Folders - version 3.3.1 - Various bugs have been fixed. This client software can now be installed for the individual user or for anyone, which is similar to the EMS Profiler installer. We recommend that you install this Update if you are using this add-on. Also, if you have experienced any issues with this add-on in the past, we recommend you install the newest version.
  • IOS App Update for iPad and iPhone - Standard Version 1.5.5 - select multiple documents or folders and filters for offline mode and retain the grouping for subsequent removal.
  • IOS App Update for iPad and iPhone - ND for Good Technology Version 1.5.5 - in addition to miscellaneous fixes, a bug was fixed in which if you select a document for offline mode, and then close the app, turn on airplane mode, re-open the app, then the offline list is empty, even though it tells the user that you must go to the offline list to view your documents.
  • Local Document Server - version 3.5.1 - this software has been updated with bug fixes and support for .NET 4.0. 
  • Desktop Scanner Connector - version - this is used for scanning with TWAIN.  Various bug fixes have been made.
  • Adobe Integrations – version 2.1 - Supports Acrobat and Reader versions 9, 10 and 11. No changes have been made for this client software. If you are using the Adobe integrations, we recommend that you install this new update if you haven't. Users can now go to Settings > Application Settings to access the Marketplace link to download and install this add-on.

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