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The following are previous Update Tips from our 13.3 Release.  

This article provides additional detail related to the 13.3 Update released on July 11, 2013. 

Note that the Active X Cryptography component has changed requiring that the Active X be updated with this Update. The Active X update can be pushed to devices prior to the release of the Update or can be installed by Users when the 13.3 Update is first accessed.  Users will need to have sufficient rights to Windows to install the Active X. 

User Interface related changes

  • Folders can now contain up to 500 subfolders and up to 1000 documents.  Users can add up to a maximum of 500 subfolders in a folder and up to a 1000 documents in a folder. If more than 1000 documents are added to a folder, they will not be displayed in the folder but can be located by searching.  We recommend that you file fewer than the maximum allowed number of subfolders and documents in a folder to increase performance and usability.
  • The Versions dialog for a document has been totally re-designed as a lightbox to function more like a standard list view page: 


  • The "Upload new version" and "Auto-version" options have been moved to the document's "More Options" menu:


  • Added the ability to define up to six (6) security templates and up to six (6) profile templates.
  • Values for a specific profile field are now highlighted in list views when sorting by that selected profile field:


Highlighted changes

  • My Email now uses the same cabinet/workspace scope that is displayed in the Simple Search dialog.
  • When using My Email in a workspace, the search scope will now be the Workspace instead of the cabinet.
  • The Email Search option now uses the workspace as the scope when a workspace is displayed.  Whatever shows in the simple search will be used as the search scope when using the Email Search option.
  • In the Send to Application > Append Versions option you can now append two versions with different extensions.
  • The cryptography key that is needed to use the Automated Login function, is now part of a user's profile, so it can be used with Citrix environments when using roaming profiles in Citrix.
  • A profile field can be defined by the Repository Administrator where a user can add a value, but not edit it after the value has been added. Any entered value can still be edited by the Cabinet Administrator. This can be a table-driven or non table-driven field.
  • A profile field can be defined by the Repository Administrator to default the current date on documents and email messages imported by EMS Folders or EMS Profiler or via the Outlook integration.
  • Payne Metadata Assistant now functions with their latest version.
  • A non-repository member using My Cabinet can now add new items only in Sharespaces where they have rights. This change is to make it easier for users when sharing and adding documents in Sharespaces.
  • New workspaces are now only created when a user goes to them.  A workspace is no longer created when a document is created and profiled to that workspace value, but rather when the workspace is first accessed.


The Active X plug-in can be installed prior to the Update if you choose, but we ask that you NOT install it earlier than a week prior to the Update to ensure that you are installing the latest version.  If it is not installed before the Update occurs, users can install it when they first use the new Update.

All other client software can be installed at any time following the Update to ensure that the most recent version is installed.  We highly recommend that you always install the latest versions of the client software so that you have the most up-to-date and bug-free software. 

  • Active X – Programs and features version is 1.9.5. The version of the neCrypto.dll is Only the Cryptography Active X is required to be changed.  This Active X is used if you have enabled Automated Login or are using certificate-based login. Users with automated login will either be prompted when they login or prompted when they go to Settings, to update the ActiveX when accessing 13.3. Other users will not be prompted. The install file name is neWebcl.msi.
  • Application Integrations – version 2.2.0 -  Excel title display fixed and open button fixed in Word 2003. We recommend that you install this Update if you are using this add-on. Also, if you have experienced any issues with this add-on, we recommend you install the newest versions.
  • EMS Profiler – version 1.8.3 - When entering a valid key, we now display the description of that key to improve the usability when using EMS Profiler. Also various bugs have been fixed. We recommend that you install this Update if you are using this add-on. Also if you have experienced any issues with this add-on, we recommend you install the newest version. NOTE: The new version of EMS Profiler provides both the key and description for the profile fields that are active in the EMS toolbar.  This will work for all new values used in EMS Profiler.  Any existing values stored for that user in their emsprof.xml file will NOT show the description. You can delete the emsprof.xml file as you install the new version of EMS.  That way all of users will see the description. 
  • EMS Folders - version 3.2.0 - Various bugs have been fixed. We recommend that you install this Update if you are using this add-on. Also, if you have experienced any issues with this add-on, we recommend you install the newest version.
  • IOS App Update for iPad and iPhone - Standard Version 1.5.4 - select multiple documents or folders and filters for offline mode and retain its grouping for subsequent removal.
  • IOS App Update for iPad and iPhone - ND for Good Technology Version 1.5.4 - in addition to the standard changes, a bug was fixed to recognize Good's option to prevent data leakage.
  • Adobe Integrations – version 2.1 - Supports Acrobat and Reader versions 9, 10 and 11. No changes have been made for this client software. If you are using the Adobe integration, we recommend that you install this new update if you haven't done so yet. Go to Help, Downloads to install this add-on.

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