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The Home Page is where you set up section headings which contain links to frequently used documents and items. You create sections to organize information to your preference. For example, you could create a section named Templates and create links to all documents that are used as template documents. In another example, create a section named Clients containing Saved Searches that will search all documents relating to a particular client or client/matter. You can have up to 3 columns of data on the Home Page. Each user has two default Home Page sections:

Favorite Workspaces

If you have workspaces, you will also have a section called "Favorite Workspaces." When you select a workspace as one of your "favorites," it will appear at the top of this section. Under Customize Layout, you can choose to display 3, 5, 10, or 15 items, or you can hide this section altogether. If hidden, your Favorite Workspaces (Matters) will still be available from the Navigation Bar.

Favorite Items

Each user has a Favorite Items section by default. This is the default "landing place" for each item you choose as your favorite. You can drag and drop items from this section to other customized sections on your Home Page.

Documents you have added to your Home Page are also available from the Documents menu in the Navigation Bar.

Creating Customized Sections

  1. Click on Customize Layout on the Home Page.

  2. Click Create a Personal Section. Type the name of your new section and click OK.

  3. Organize your Home Page display by clicking and dragging the sections between columns or by moving them up or down.

Adding Document, Folder, or Saved Search shortcuts to your Home Page

  1. First locate item you wish to add to your Home Page. (ex: a document, folder, discussion, ShareSpace, Saved Search, etc.)

  2. Click the star icon next to the document/item name. This will turn the star yellow. A yellow star indicates that a link or shortcut to the document or item has been placed on your Home Page.

  3. A link to the document/item that you starred will appear in the Favorite Items section on your Home Page. From this section, you can click and drag that link to any other section on the Home Page to organize it.

Removing a Document, Folder, or Saved Search shortcut from your Home Page

  1. At the Home Page, click on the yellow star next to the document/item to remove it. You can also click the yellow star anywhere it shows in NetDocuments to remove a document from the Home Page. When removed from the Home page, the item remains for a few moments so in case you change your mind you can click it again to keep it on your home page. The star will always either be light blue or yellow. Yellow always means it is on your Home Page.

  2. The star will turn light blue indicating the document is no longer on the Home Page. Once you navigate away from the Home Page, that document will no longer appear.

Using Drag and Drop to organize items under Section headings

While on the Home Page, you can also "drag and drop" items to place them under a different section or different order in a section. This can be for items within a section or between sections. To drag an item, hover over it with the mouse, then hold the left mouse button down and while continuing to hold the left mouse button, drag it to the new location where you want it. To drag an item to an empty section, drag it under the section heading where it reads, "Drag item here". 

Left/Right Click Options Button

Each document/item has an associated left click menu. This menu can be found by hovering over the document until a round double arrow button appears to the far right of the name. Clicking on this button will show you all the options available for that document. 

On the Home Page you may also use the right click to see other Options. You can customize this list to include the Options you most frequently use. You do this by right clicking on a document and select Customize Menu. In this menu, you can drag and drop Options to customize which ones appear in the right click menu. Learn how to Customize the Right-Click Menu.


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