Customizing Your Home Page


The Home Page is a landing place where you can place links to frequently used documents and items.

There are two default sections on a Home Page: Favorite Items and Favorite Workspaces (if your cabinet uses workspaces). 

Favorite Items and Favorite Workspaces

You can add items to the Home Page by clicking the open star icon (mceclip0.png) next to the document/item name. This action will fill the star (mceclip1.png). A filled star indicates that a link to the document or item has been placed on your Home Page.

When you favorite an item, it is placed at the top of the Favorite Items or Favorite Workspaces section. 

Custom Sections

You can create custom sections on your Home Page to further organize your favorite items. Click the drop-down icon next to Home and choose Customize Layout:


This will display the Customize Home Layout dialog:


As noted, the Favorite Items and Favorite Workspaces sections are created automatically. If you wish to create a custom section to organize your favorites, click the Create a Personal Section link. When prompted, enter a new section name:


Enter the name of your new section and select OK. This will create a new section with the name entered. The sections can be dragged to any column and can be placed above or below existing sections within a column. Click Save Changes to return to the Home Page.

Organizing your Home Page

Items can be dragged within sections and between sections on the Home Page. To move an item within a section, drag the item up or down within the section and drop it in the desired location. To move an item to a different section, drag the item to the new section and drop it in the desired location. Items in custom sections can be alphabetized by clicking on the section name (each click changes to ascending or descending order). 

Removing a Document, Folder, or Saved Search Shortcuts from Your Home Page

To remove an item from your Home Page, click the filled star next to the document/item which will un-fill the star (mceclip0.png). This can be done from the item's location or the Home Page. When you un-favorite the item while on the Home Page, it remains available until you refresh the page or navigate to another page. 

Hover Options 

When you hover over an item, a menu icon (MenuIcon.png) appears to the right of the name. Select the icon to view the options available for that item.